PODCAST: Can The Pain Of Depression Be A Gift?

“If you’ve never experienced it, is an extremely painful experience. It feels very heavy very dense. It’s like every single trigger of life comes back to haunt you. It’s when your inner voice is primarily negative and it’s when we generally focus on what is wrong in our life and…

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You Deserve Love No Matter What

“When I’m sad I deserve more love not less. When I’m angry I deserve more love not less. When I’m frustrated I deserve more love not less. Whenever I’m hurt, heartbroken, ashamed or feeling guilty, I deserve more love not less even. When I’m embarrassed by my actions I deserve…

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How To Use Envy As A Tool

“Envy is not the same as jealousy it’s often confused because jealousy tends to involve three people for example you’re in a relationship and you perceive under the woman or another man as a threat to that relationship that’s jealousy envy is more a two person experience it’s when you’re…

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How To Journey Through The Spiritual Void

“I spent my time feeling very invisible very lonely and I probably carried the belief that I was a victim. I had this voice in my head, a poor me, and I guess I’ve had a bit of a martyr complex as well and I lived this. I’ve lived like…

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How To Embrace Anxiety

How To Embrace Anxiety In my new podcast ‘Podcast For The Soul‘ I talked about how to embrace anxiety, something that has been an experience for me since childhood.  You can subscribe to my new podcast on ITUNES HERE In this episode I talk about: What it’s like to be…

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