When Commitment Knocks at The Door

Listen above or tune in on Apple Podcasts or Podbean EPISODE 81 – PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Hi there, welcome back to Kelly Martin Speaks. I’m your host Kelly Martin and this is episode 81. This week I have been experiencing some major physical symptoms from an advanced form of chiropractic work. I’ve been having back issues for a long time; I didn’t realise how long until I started to see that… View Post

Why It’s Okay When You Think Life Is NOT Enough

Contrary to popular positive thinking practices, did you know that it is perfectly okay that you don’t think your life is enough? That you may see people in your life, and you may feel lack or challenged to accept who they are and that is okay? Or you may look at your life overall and not be able to see the perfection in it all and that too is okay?… View Post

2020 Time To Let Go Of Control

In 2019 so much happened, pretty much all of it was out of my control. Mum got cancer and recovered I started and ran the mental health radio station and had to close it down due to lack of human resources I entered the spiritual void Remain parties tried to stop Brexit in the UK The people voted and the majority voted in a party wanting Brexit Donald Trump was… View Post

Your Trust Is Your Faith

Your trust is your faith, your power of mind – Chuck Spezzano The mind loves to go to work on something. It will go to work on anything, from the possibility of great things happening to the despair of perceived awful things happening. I know my mind has been engaged in the worst-case scenario for a lot of my life. Being taught to worry from an early age from my… View Post

Why Leaning In To The Pain Is Important

Lying on the couch while chatting with my acupuncturist, we had a conversation about pain, grief, fear and loss. I told him about how when I was finally beginning to face the fear of loss that had been ruling my actions and limiting my life for so long, life gave me the greatest trigger in my best friend getting sick, but he reminded me of something I needed to know.… View Post

How To Rewrite A Painful Life Script

Like many people, I chose a painful life script. Mine was littered with death, loss, abandonment and perceived failure. Your life script may be one of incredible childhood trauma, relationship difficulties, health issues…it doesn’t matter what form our pain script comes in, it can often feel so great that we have no idea how to unravel ourselves from it or indeed to finally let it go. In my previous blog… View Post

Is Fear of Loss Preventing Your Happiness?

Do you experience a feeling of lack in your life? A lack of love? A lack of abundance? A lack of friendship? A lack of success? You may be experiencing an inner protection strategy that prevents you from having ‘anything’ to lose because of a deep fear of loss. Like me you may be looking at your life wondering why isn’t it working? Why do I make so much effort… View Post

Do You NEED What You Want?

It feels like a kick in the teeth when someone says you can’t have what you want – doesn’t it? I get this. I was led to believe some time ago that ‘anything is possible’, ‘you can have anything you want’ in life, but then my critical thinking mind questioned this, because can we really? Take for example, 100 actors all working in Hollywood in cafés and gas stations, hoping… View Post

Drop the Fantasy and Find Joy in the Reality

Sometimes, we need to let go of the fantasy and find fulfilment in our reality. ~ Kelly Martin We can all reminisce about the ‘good old days’, be it in life as a whole or in the relationships we think we had. It can be so easy to get lost in thinking that we had it better back then or by thinking that by fantasising about a different reality to… View Post

Why Great Change Can Come From Powerful Loss

Sometimes in life, we can be so fixated on a dream that we don’t notice the dream is not nourishing us anymore. This was me and my dream of the mental health and music radio station Peace Within Radio, and my trip to Glastonbury in the UK that took me on an unexpected healing journey. I had been pre-grieving the loss for some time before switching the ‘off-air’ switch on… View Post