Syria – Fear and The ‘Inner’ War

  Do not read on if you are not ready to be challenged. I rarely watch the news or read the news, but sometimes I stumble upon something happening and it engages me for a while. My house-mate had been mentioning Syria a few times and I had not paid much attention until last night. Without going into details, as the internet is full of it, I questioned him about… View Post

Wanting & Desires – Is ‘Creating Your Reality’ Bringing You Inner Peace?

  Many modern teachers tell us to focus on what we want; to focus on our desires, but what if it is not the object of desire that we want, but the relief from the agitation inside brought on by the wanting. Is this not what we truly desire? Living an unconventional life right now, where I have few material possessions, the desire and the wanting for more than I… View Post

Can You Be A Nobody? Instead Of Trying To Be Somebody

How does this make you feel? Deflated? Sad? Empowered? Now what if I said:  “You Are A Very Special Somebody.”     How does this make you feel? Better, happier?  Well like most of us, you’re probably suffering from somebody-itis. This is the need to be a special somebody. You may think, ‘Isn’t that what life is all about? Striving to have some sort of impact on the world, add… View Post

Would The Buddha Survive In The West? So many of us begin our spiritual quest, a time when we are seeking answers. We want to know the meaning of life and we go to gurus, teachers and take courses. But do we consider that the teachings coming to us from the East may not fit in with our Western lifestyle? After 15 years of spiritual questing I have been coming to some very different conclusions for… View Post

Emptiness – The Path Of The Heart

   It it seems the path of the heart is what we all genuinely desire, deep down within us. Home, Source, God, Creator – whatever we name or label the energy that creates all things has always resided within us. Yet most of us have been so easily distracted by the trappings of the ego, the mind and the desire of the surface self, that we’ve missed out on the… View Post

Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters – An Illusion

    This post was inspired by Matt Khan (see Unmasking the Veil). His video on You Tube made me consider the  spiritual experiences I had over 10 years ago in more depth. I Saw An Angel, Spirit Guide and Ascended Master Merge Into One  When I was fairly new to spirit and psychic experiences I was practising a lot of Reiki (Reiki is said to be a Japanese form of… View Post

Are You Ready To Celebrate The New Year At Halloween?

Lately I have been exploring more ancient practices like Wicca and also investigating the reason we celebrate certain times of the year. Many celebrations in the West appear to revolve around Christianity, yet mask many ancient Pagan holidays that have been going a lot longer and then of course I was pondering New Year. Since connecting more with the seasons and flowing with nature lately I am performing rituals and… View Post

A Fear Of Dying

It is said the fear of dying is behind all fears and it probably is. Yet for ‘me’ it’s not so much a fear of dying but more a fear of not living. I am writing this blog entry to objectify a rather unpleasant series of dreams I had last night. I dream very vividly, write them down and interpret them. This series felt like I needed to get them… View Post

Shadow Totem Animals – Embracing The Fear Of Creatures In Nature

  For many years now I have been looking at my life symbolically and I am a strong believer in life, showing us what we need through the outer reflections we meet across our path. After studying shamanism for a while now I love how nature reflects the lessons I am learning, the awareness that is arising and the power within me growing and expanding. And while many people believe and… View Post

Creativity & The Law Of Attraction

   “Art is a matter of commitment. Commitment is of interest to the Great Creator. When we display the faith necessary to make our art, the Great Creator displays an interest and an active hand in supporting what it is we are doing. We receive supply in all forms.” Julia Cameron –~Walking In This World~ This is where I feel the ‘Law Of Attraction’ gives us a helping hand in life.… View Post