Spirit Orbs and Vortexes

Spirit Orbs and Vortexes Many many moons ago I visited Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire in the UK, one of the largest stone circles in Europe. With a couple of friends we enjoyed wandering around the stones, feeling the healing energies of this power centre and I took some photos. What came from these photos blew my mind and I was so excited to show them to others. At the… View Post

The Freedom Road

  “…You shall be free indeed when your days are not without a care nor your nights without a want and grief, but rather when these things girdle your life and yet you rise above them naked and unbound…”                                               ~ Kahil Gibran, The Prophet CLICK TO TWEET… View Post


Many moons ago when I was into the whole ‘Law of Attraction’ path I had this dream of opening my own new-age, hippy-type shop and I decided it would be called MAGIC HAPPENS. I had seen bumper stickers like this when I travelled around Australia in my year out after University. The Law of Attraction back then made everything magical to me, for I believed magic lay in the dreams… View Post

Boundaries and Soft Centres – The Wisdom Of Woodlouse

Anyone who has spent a lot of time trying to please others in their lives will always come to a point where it no longer works and they have the choice of continuing to people please or saying ‘no’ so life can give us more affirmative reasons to say ‘yes’. Stopping people pleasing can be a slow gradual process, we say no in many areas of our lives and begin to be more… View Post

The Shadow Self & the Cloudy Sky

We all love a sunny sky, a beautiful, blue, uplifting light. The sun makes everything look so dazzling, even concrete and the man-made world shines on a blue sky day. But what about cloudy skies? Walking around my local neighbourhood just this week I was gazing up at the sky. There was a lot of cloud and some blue, and the sun kept peeking through. The clouds were absolutely awe-inspiring.… View Post

Intuition Is The Whiff Of Coming Attractions

An ALTERNATIVE VIEW of The Law Of Attraction   ‘People who seem successful at The Law Of Attraction are merely in touch with clear intuition.’ As many of you may know from reading my website ‘Kelly Martin Speaks’ I tend to view The Law of Attraction from a different place and this blog takes it one step further. I feel that we do not attract or manifest anything into our… View Post

Who Would You Be If You Had Received Everything You ‘Thought’ You Wanted?

We all have moments of lack, feeling we are lacking something we want. It could be money, a relationship, a family, a career etc.. And sometimes we feel deeply frustrated, angry and in such a deep state of lack that we could just scream. I had a moment like this just this past week. And after one of my often breakthrough conversations with my best friend Mike something made me… View Post

Spiritual Superiority – It Comes In Through The Back Door

  “The best game ego has is the spiritual game. This game is incredibly powerful because it makes you superior to everyone around you.” ~ Bartholomew The spiritual path can sometimes feel like a virtuous one. What is more virtuous than being with God? You can’t argue with God, so the spiritual journey can cause a huge inflation of the ego. And it often comes in through the back door.… View Post

An Interview With Lucid Dreaming Expert & Hay House Author Charlie Morley

We sleep one third of our lives, and while it refreshes and revives us for our waking hours, what if we could use part of this time to not only have fun, but to transform how we experience the world and who we are? This is where Lucid Dreaming comes in. Since I was a child, I have always dreamt very vividly, remembering most of my dreams. I kept a… View Post

The Law Of Attraction & The Chicken & The Egg

  I am a questioner by nature now but I wasn’t always. I used to be wildly fascinated by people’s spiritual experiences and anything outside the box. I took ‘a truth’, I didn’t question it much. I now question everything and I feel this is a very good thing; it’s very grounding. Now, ‘The Law of Attraction’ is a huge thing right now. Books are filled with information on it,… View Post