How To Remain Calm In The Midst Of Chaos

Have you seen the state of the world right now? If you haven’t, you may have been living in a bubble, which is lovely, but not something we can stay in forever. One look at Twitter (for example), looking at trending topics, you can see how enraged many people are. The news media is of course (as it always does!) fuelling the conflict between people, because many news outlets have… View Post

How To Stop Being Triggered By Life

“Not this again,” I’d catch myself saying. It was usually after a triggering event like someone parking my car in the driveway or when I felt unseen or excluded. I’d feel really pissed about it. I mean, how dare they! How could they be so rude? So inconsiderate? This reaction may seem pretty intense and I’m not going to sugar coat it, recovery from trauma is intense. Once that can… View Post

E is for Embarrassment

As a perpetual blusher, embarrassment is something that has been a regular event in my life. I can’t remember a time when I did not blush, even during my early childhood I was very shy, hiding behind my mother and going red in the face at any sense of attention from others. At the moment I am more able to embrace the blushing feeling, but I question it because I… View Post

B is for BOREDOM

Many years ago I used to feel bored a lot; I was bored with life, bored with me, bored with what felt like a stagnant life I had opted in for, until I discovered mindfulness. Boredom is not possible when we rest in the awareness of the NOW. The present moment has no place for boredom. When I was bored in my past, I feel on some level it masked… View Post

Facebook Detox – Good For The Soul

Are you someone who checks Facebook often or other social networks? If you are travelling or at home do you flick between networks when you are not sure what to do or you feel bored?   Are you a Facebook addict? I was travelling to London last week and noticed a young woman in the seat in front of me, she had her smartphone switched on and I could see… View Post

What Is Genuine Happiness?

Something dawned on me last night, one of those questioning thoughts I often have and it was: “Have I ever met anyone in my life who is truly happy?” (adults not including babies). And I realised that there was only one person. And I asked my best friend Mike if he had ever met anyone genuinely happy and he is in his late 70’s and he said no. I was… View Post

I Don’t Need To Be Perfect – Pain & Self-Pressures

Conventional treatments often do not help pain in the long term & act as placebos but what if T.M.S offers the answer and we had the answer within us all along? How many of you experience physical pain? How many of you experience anxiety, depression, allergies, IBS and more? Well, in 2012 I experienced my second bout of intense pain. I thought I had pulled my back during Pilates, and… View Post

Are You Addicted To Drama?

Are You Addicted To Drama? Just notice how attracted the mind is to special effects, drama, and speeded-up versions of life.  Our thoughts and fantasies are not very satisfying or fulfilling. Like watching television for hours on end, they leave us feeling empty. You can never get enough of what does not satisfy. ~ Nirmala   There is a ‘soap opera’ in the UK called EastEnders. It has one of… View Post

The Positive Thinking Culture Is Creating Neurotic Spiritual Seekers

Over the past year I have begun to notice a growing trend in spiritual circles, so much so I feel the need to talk about the rather large elephant in the room that many spiritual teachers are failing to address fully. The intense emphasis on positive thinking is creating a state of neurosis in many people on the spiritual path. While some people are brought up to view life experiences… View Post

Career Ladders Don’t Need To Be Climbed By Everyone

Since an early age I had a wide range of ideas about what I would like to experience in life, but these never stayed the same, they changed and evolved as I changed. Now in my late thirties, I am surrendering to the fact that a career is not for everybody. A few nights ago I had a long drawn-out dream. I dreamt that to get anywhere in the world… View Post