N Is For Neediness

Neediness, something I used to be the Queen of. I was needy in friendships, needy with partners and in relationships, I was just plain needy. Needless to say neediness can give off a bright shining beacon saying ‘I’m needy, stay away!’ I’m writing this article not to criticise anyone who feels needy. I know what it feels like to feel needy and I still have moments of neediness, particularly if… View Post


We judge. We are human. We often judge a lot! Those more enlightened among us perhaps judge less, but judging is the way we compare and contrast. For example: I might say of someone: ‘I judge that behaviour to be unacceptable to me’. So I may choose to avoid that person and not behave like that myself – BUT, and it’s a big but, this does not mean that the… View Post


Insecurity is a fact of life. So few people, unless enlightened from birth, feel secure throughout their lives. I feel this world makes it almost impossible to feel secure all of the time, life in its essence is insecure because life is always changing, the world around us moves and shifts and our thoughts are never the same. The only thing that is not shifting is the awareness that is beyond all… View Post

E is for Embarrassment

As a perpetual blusher, embarrassment is something that has been a regular event in my life. I can’t remember a time when I did not blush, even during my early childhood I was very shy, hiding behind my mother and going red in the face at any sense of attention from others. At the moment I am more able to embrace the blushing feeling, but I question it because I… View Post


So they say beauty is the eye of the beholder and yet the subject of attraction can have many components. We are led to believe that we are automatically pre-disposed to find certain qualities attractive in another person, be it physical or biological, but over the years I have discovered that attraction can be fleeting, physical attraction most of all. Attraction and Infatuation Recently I had my first experience of… View Post

The Vulnerability Series Part 2 – Risking Rejection

 Continued on from Vulnerability Series Part 1 : Fear          Root chakra  Belonging – feeling unsafe to belong.  Better to not risk belonging because belonging equals the potential for being hurt and rejected. So to not allow myself to belong in any group, tribe or circle means no more rejection or hurt.  And in doing so, cutting off my connection to the abundance and support that the whole can… View Post

Stop Carrying Expectations and ‘Shoulds’ From Others

Yesterday I picked an Osho card that was quite deep and fairly immense in terms of a message, and it re-confirmed another message I had received from a gentlemen who leads a mediumship circle I have recently become involved in. Part of the Osho message said:  When we carry a load of shoulds and shouldn′ts imposed on us by others we become like this ragged, struggling figure trying to make… View Post

No Need To Be Perfect To Inspire Others

  There appears to be this unspoken message that to inspire others, to teach, or to share our inner wisdom with the world we need to be perfect. You may see it in the media, on-line, on videos where motivational speakers, writers and teachers spend a lot of time affirming the need to be positive and sharing very little, often none of their human flaws or vulnerabilities – this is… View Post

Being Pollyanna – How To Be A Balanced Human

We may meet that occasional human being with that Pollyanna attitude, always positive; always looking on the bright side; always pouring light and love over any dark or dire situation; but Pollyanna is not whole. Pollyanna is missing half of who she is. But is there a negative side to positive thinking Unfortunately this is what some personal development paths are encouraging – being ‘positive’ pretty much all of the time. However,… View Post