Accepting Your Flaws – Gateway To Change

Flaws Can Be Beautiful If We See The Jewels In The Mire How do you feel about your flaws?    Those aspects of your personality that you are probably not too fond of?    What if I told you that the changes you desire and the peace that you want, depend on those flaws getting your full acceptance and attention?   Sometimes in life we are just going through the… View Post

Feeling Poor At Christmas?

  The Simple Things Can Make A Frugal Christmas A Real Special Time As someone who currently is on a small budget at Christmas, I know what it’s like to feel poor at Christmas. This feeling changed this year. I understand how many people feel, who have little or nothing (financially speaking), and how this can bring up feelings of longing, envy, jealousy and resentment, but it doesn’t have to… View Post

Being Human Part 3 – I’m Right You’re Wrong! – We All Do It

This is a follow up to ‘Saying Goodbye To People Pleasing’ HERE I have come to the conclusion that being on a journey of self-awareness or spirituality can breed a unsavoury side to how we deal with ourselves. Many people view weaknesses or imperfections as un-spiritual. I imagine there are heck of a lot of people hiding behind a spiritual façade where on the surface everything appears ‘perfect’, where the face the… View Post

Being Human Part 2: Saying Goodbye To ‘People-Pleasing’

    This is a follow up to Loving Pinocchio  I am currently aged 37, and from the age of 6, I began to ‘people please’. This all began because of my experience with the headmistress (she told me that I had embarrassed the whole school because I did not put my flowers in the correct place in a school production). People pleasing has been a way of life for… View Post

Being Human Part 1 : Loving Pinocchio – Embracing My Inner Fake

There comes a time in your life where you acknowledge a few home truths about yourself. When the monkey mind rattles a few re-occurring thoughts at you and you begin to question why you believe those thoughts. A big loud thought that likes to rattle on inside my mind is ‘You are such a fake!’ I guess it has not been until I began practising mindfulness that it became so… View Post

Are You Addicted To Drama?

Are You Addicted To Drama? Just notice how attracted the mind is to special effects, drama, and speeded-up versions of life.  Our thoughts and fantasies are not very satisfying or fulfilling. Like watching television for hours on end, they leave us feeling empty. You can never get enough of what does not satisfy. ~ Nirmala   There is a ‘soap opera’ in the UK called EastEnders. It has one of… View Post

Getting Over Our Fears Of Things In Nature

*This is a follow up post to ‘ Shadow Totems’ HERE It is clear to say that a few years ago I used to be an insectiphobe. Creepy crawlies creeped me out. Bee and wasps terrified me, cockroaches still do and alien looking creatures gave me chills. Thankfully most of that has changed as I began to realise the things we fear have a lot to teach us. Many fears… View Post

The Mindful Way Through Depression – Freeing Yourself From Chronic Unhappiness – Book Review

Title: The Mindful Way Through Depression – Freeing Yourself From Chronic Unhappiness Authors: Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal & Jon Kabat-Zinn Published: 2007 Publisher: Guilford Pages: 273 Price:  £15.99 (paperback) 20% discount for UK readers using MINDKMS13 code (Valid from 1st August – 30th September) Click HERE Other parts of the world : $21.95 (RRP) Click HERE Genre: Self Help   Winner of the Association for Behavioural and  Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) Self-Help Seal of Merit!… View Post

The Positive Thinking Culture Is Creating Neurotic Spiritual Seekers

Over the past year I have begun to notice a growing trend in spiritual circles, so much so I feel the need to talk about the rather large elephant in the room that many spiritual teachers are failing to address fully. The intense emphasis on positive thinking is creating a state of neurosis in many people on the spiritual path. While some people are brought up to view life experiences… View Post

Attached To Feeling Good

Many ‘spiritual’ teachings encourage positive thinking, yet by doing so they are resisting the entirety of our human experience. The teachings can often be so generalised that they do not take into account an individual’s personal history, conditioning and much more. What we need is balance, and to not be attached to feeling joyful or blissed-up and happy. In Buddhism it is said non-attachment to everything is the key to… View Post