Is Your Life Anxiety Inducing Instead of Beautiful?

“If the story of my life is about the storms that I have weathered, I will tell you that it is not the force of the storm that matters. What matters is that I had the privilege of the storm so that I might understand the power of the calm.”― Craig D. Lounsbrough Life at this time for many may not be an experience of beauty. You may be really struggling… View Post

How to Appreciate What You Have When Feeling Limited

We are living in unprecedented times, unprecedented being the keyword right now. This morning, Mothering Sunday in the UK when I write this post, I woke up with this unbelievable feeling of needing to ration what food I have, and it really made me consider and honour how much I do have. Like many I have probably been living a ‘poorer’ way of life in the sense of not having… View Post

Anxiety Sufferers – How to Survive a Pandemic

Just so you know, this post contains one virtual / online therapy blog post link. Meaning I received payment for its inclusion in the post. I feel this site will support those suffering from mental health issues related to the current Pandemic, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful. So, as someone who has experienced anxiety and panic attacks a lot in my life, I understand how… View Post

Why Do We Suffer From Anxiety?

This post ‘Why Do We Suffer From Anxiety’ is in collaboration with Kalms. The content and opinions expressed below are that of As many of you know, I have experienced anxiety since childhood and I have done a lot to ease anxiety and find my own balance. The causes of anxiety can be different for everyone, but it’s worthwhile looking at what triggers us the most so we can change… View Post

This Is What Happened When I Took CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD oil, otherwise known as cannabis oil (cannabidiol) is really huge now as more and more people are finding out about it. I read in awe at how many people were getting benefits (many of my friends included), but a part of me was very sceptical too. I used to a be a marijuana user in my college days, not a lot, but the occasional smoke, but I was often… View Post

How To Embrace Anxiety

How To Embrace Anxiety In my new podcast ‘Podcast For The Soul‘ I talked about how to embrace anxiety, something that has been an experience for me since childhood.  You can subscribe to my new podcast on ITUNES HERE In this episode I talk about: What it’s like to be extra sensitive to the world Social anxiety and panic attacks How I use mindfulness to move through anxiety and fear… View Post

How To Embrace Anxiety and Manage The Symptoms

This post ‘How To Embrace Anxiety and Manage The Symptoms’ is in collaboration with Spink Health. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Anxiety is a tough experience, as I know only too well. I’ve suffered with anxiety since my early childhood and into my adult years. I understand how painful it feels, how stressful and how debilitating it can be.Throughout my childhood I was incredibly shy, but… View Post

Why People Pleasing Hurts and How To Drop The ‘Good Girl’ Act

  I pleased people since childhood, wearing my mask of smiles and niceness because when I let out the assertive honest me, people disappeared from my life. So as I enter my mid-life, I release the need to please people who cannot accept the ‘real me’, even if that means being alone. You may know the story. Young woman with opinions and a strong voice is rejected early on because… View Post

Embracing Uncertainty

Life is one big uncertainty. No-one can go through life without experiencing uncertainty. From life changes like jobs ending, to people dying, to relationships changing, to the general uncertainty of not knowing what direction to take in life, being human comes with the experience of uncertainty. Now the difference between those who embrace it and those that don’t, shows in the coping mechanisms of those who are unwilling to embrace… View Post

The Freedom Of Insecurity

We live in a world where many will do all they can to feel secure. From life insurance, home insurance policies, to pension plans for the future and so much more. And yet the more secure we try to be as a civilisation, the more insecure we all feel. When the events of September 11th took place it shook the entire world, especially those of us in the West. In… View Post