Is Your Life Anxiety Inducing Instead of Beautiful?

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“If the story of my life is about the storms that I have weathered, I will tell you that it is not the force of the storm that matters. What matters is that I had the privilege of the storm so that I might understand the power of the calm.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Life at this time for many may not be an experience of beauty. You may be really struggling to see the good in your life and in the world. This is perfectly normal, not just at this time, but at times of great change and great unfolding.

In the UK we have had a lot of rain lately; this past week we had a lot of thunder and lightning in my local area. It reminded me that storms come, and storms go, and they clear out the stagnant energy, they revitalise the earth with ionised water from the rain and they bring the new.

Now, sometimes storms last a long time, they may last for a few months. I remember when I lived in Australia, I spent a couple of months in the Northern Territory. Unlike the UK they have a dry season and a wet season. It was such a beautiful spectacle to see constant lightening in the sky, prior to the rainy season. The humidity was incredibly high, but that sky? Awe-inspiring.

I moved on to the next travel destination before the rainy season happened, but I can only imagine the relief it brings from the humidity and heavy air of the previous season.

When we look out at storms on television, when they are photographed from above, they look so beautiful, even seeing a storm from above clouds when on an airplane, albeit a bit scary, is outstanding. The storm appears so elegant.

Yet down on the ground, chaos, what appears to be violent weather and anxiety inducing feelings can come up.

At the moment you may be feel like life has a kind of internal chaos to it. You can’t quite change how you feel, you can’t quite even change your perspective on it, it can feel like everything is out of your control (and in many ways it is), but also that you cannot see if or when this current storm will end.

Inner or Outer Storm


Perhaps you feel as if something inside is waiting to erupt from within, a deep sense of restlessness or anxiety? Something you just can’t put your finger on why. Or you could be right in the middle of internal and external chaos, where people and events are changing so rapidly that you are experiencing all kinds of havoc, change, upheaval and uncertainty in your world.

Either way the storm is there.

Even if you can’t see it, you just feel this anxiety inducing sense of inner unrest.

If the chaos is more unconscious, unknown or external, what is important to remember is that all of your life is currently unfolding in a way that is for your ultimate highest good, whether you like it or not.

Your own life or spiritual storm that is having an impact on you is clearing things out.

These things could be external or internal or both.

It is preparing you for a time when fresh, uplifting feelings arrive, the time that happens after the storm.

Now, you may think ‘Well nothing is happening in my life, I just feel low or anxious most of the time’. This doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Even at a more subtle level, just because you feel stuck, bored, repressed, frustrated, denied or that your life just feels super stale right now, all you need to remember is that it is all unfolding anyway.

You haven’t been forgotten. You’re not being overlooked. You’re not being denied or rejected by life.

This storm is simply here to help the stagnant old stuck energy to erupt in your own heart.

So, for now scream, shout, cry, dance, sing, paint art, write a poem and express whatever it is that you need to express.

Express whatever you need so that you can move the stifled energy in your own heart.

Doing so allows you to call on the perfection of your life, it gives a signal for a new creative turn on your path.

From what appears as chaos, new order will rise.


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