The Freedom Of Insecurity

Piggy Bank Money EuroWe live in a world where many will do all they can to feel secure. From life insurance, home insurance policies, to pension plans for the future and so much more. And yet the more secure we try to be as a civilisation, the more insecure we all feel.

When the events of September 11th took place it shook the entire world, especially those of us in the West. In a sense we have been very blessed for some time to not experience the threat of war or the daily challenges other people in the world experience, like fear of death, hunger or ongoing devastation.

Until September the 11th many felt as secure as any human being can be, and yet we never had security.

It’s a myth that we can ever have outer security, because we can’t control the world around us; we can’t control when it’s time for us to depart this earthly plane. As scary as it is, those people who went to work on the morning of September 11th and did not return home to their families probably felt secure that they would return. They probably had pension plans, insurance policies and goals for the future.

So What Can We Learn From This?

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While people may say ‘Seize the day!’ ‘Live for the now’, few people seriously consider this fully. As a society it’s important that we embrace our feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. If we can welcome any fears we have of death, of having no control apart from how we respond to life events, we will find a deeper sense of security. A security in the knowledge that in this world, nothing remains the same, everything changes, but that we are also the Awareness that is always here experiencing ‘all that is’. This Awareness never changes, and this knowledge can help us experience how limitless we are.

Yes we are humans, we have limits, but we go far beyond our human selves. This is just a play in the story of creation.


Accepting the changing tides of life, knowing that the show of life changes all the time and to allow whatever happens to take place, helps us embrace insecurity.

So how secure do you feel?
So you fear death?
How present are you with ‘what is’ ?
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