The Important Freedom and Power in Being Wrong

    At the end of 2016 some old issues began to rise for me. Deep fears and stuff that has held me back in life, but I chose to brush them under the carpet.   Being Wrong – Owning This Grizzly Bear   I was brought up with a repetitive phrase told to me throughout childhood and into teen years whenever I had an emotional reaction, frustration and not… View Post

How a Crappy 2016 Can Inspire Your Happy New Year

How a Crappy 2016 Can Inspire Your Happy New Year Nine out of ten people, in all probability, had what appeared to be a shitty 2016. From marriage failure, jobs ending, loved ones dying or major health issues. My 2016 involved solicitor battles, near homelessness and a terrible sense of powerlessness. But from powerlessness came empowerment. Early in the year, my landlord’s wife died and after 13 years living in… View Post

Are You Killing Your Inner Child With Perfectionism?

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ apparently right now. Christmas is coming fast and this year I decided to make some gifts for people in a group I am a member of. Crafts and artistic creations. So I bought all the stuff needed, well I thought I needed, and this afternoon I sat down to start creating. What Happened? Perfectionism hit. My entire body got tense. Nothing I tried would… View Post

Autumn Death Cycle – Are You Dying To The Old?

So things were moving smoothly, you felt like change was happening, you could see that life was unfolding, the old illusory you was shifting, you felt better about who you were, you felt your purpose was unfolding, you felt more connected to others, more confident, more social and BAM! The death cycle hits you. I’m in the midst of what feels like a death cycle. I often feel we follow the seasons of… View Post

How To Stay In Your Power When Your Reputation Is Questioned

It’s tough going when your reputation is on the line. The ego likes to get you in its grip and tries to get you to do something to get your reputation back, but why? If people are going to judge you, no amount of trying is going to change their minds. Some people like to validate their points of view, so will take on whatever information or gossip they are… View Post


Feeling vulnerable, something I have felt a lot in my life. Vulnerable in relationships, vulnerable in grief, vulnerable in loneliness – vulnerable. “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are… View Post

The Vulnerability Series Part 2 – Risking Rejection

 Continued on from Vulnerability Series Part 1 : Fear          Root chakra  Belonging – feeling unsafe to belong.  Better to not risk belonging because belonging equals the potential for being hurt and rejected. So to not allow myself to belong in any group, tribe or circle means no more rejection or hurt.  And in doing so, cutting off my connection to the abundance and support that the whole can… View Post

The Vulnerability Series : Part 1 – Fear

It’s hard to be seen. Really hard when you have spent a lifetime hiding your light under the proverbial bushel. Because often when we want people to see us we remove the invisibility cloak, but we want people to see only our good qualities, our positive side. In a way when we remained in the shadows people never got to see our light or our dark, they never got to… View Post