Feeling Seen & Feeling Heard

A lot of people walk this world feeling invisible. Some use cries for attention through speaking loudly, some boast about their lives, and a silent few simply walk, feeling alone, unheard and desiring true connection and recognition. What many people may fail to realise is that everyone wants to be seen, everyone wants to be heard and everyone wants to feel recognised and loved for who they are. My own… View Post

Soul Reminder – Acceptance & Releasing Resistance To What Is

VIDEO – Soul Reminder  Acceptance & Releasing Resistance To What Is Hi all, As some of you know I have a KELLY MARTIN SPEAKS YOU TUBE channel. I have posted a lot on there over the years, but nothing recently. I have been toying with creating short videos for a long time and so here is my first in a series. I will be posting one a week lasting only… View Post