The Raw Chocolate Company – A Review

WARNING! This post can cause adverse drooling.   (And everything in moderation of course) Three months ago this carb-aholic, sugar addict could not go a day without her chocolate refined sugar cruddy milk fat chocolate bar.   I ate weight-inducing chocolate, blood sugar nightmare bars, and now I am a recovering sugar addict I prefer quality in my chocolate habit.    So you have been warned – look away if… View Post

Recipe: Sugar-Free Chocolate Cake

  Recipe: Sugar-Free Chocolate Cake Can chocolate cake and sugar-free actually come together as one, and taste really good? OH YES INDEED! THEY CAN! As most of you know I have been on a no refined sugar journey for the past 3 months. I have not even had honey or sweeteners in my diet. I decided for my 37th birthday I wanted a birthday cake and I wanted to see if I… View Post

My Sugar-Free Pancake Flower – No Need To Give Up On Life’s Pleasures

Sunshine Pancake Flower Prior to Shrove Tuesday in the UK (Pancake Day) I sat on my sofa wracking my brain on what on earth I could do on pancake day, what could I eat?   It has been a month now on my sugar-free health detox and I realised that anything can be adapted for a more healthy lifestyle and we can still have treats.   Pancake Day was my… View Post