Why Life Is Not All Sunshine and Roses

The sun is shining on this spring day in my local home area, the birds are singing, the sky is blue. Society may say ‘Be grateful’ or ‘You should be happy, what a blessed day!’ but mental health issues are not like that. Mental health issues don’t care whether the sky is blue or the sun is shining. Mental health issues don’t care if you have won the lottery or… View Post

How To Be Honest With Your Pain – In An Empowering Way

Yes, this is how we’re meant to be     This is a guest post by the author Andy Bowker from Andy’s Corner How many of us have been hiding emotional pain for a long time? Have you? Well, you’re certainly not alone. It seems to be one of the hidden values of our culture. It’s almost an unwritten rule that when someone asks you the question ‘How are you?’,… View Post