My Sugar Detox Journey So Far – 18 Days In

I am amazed at how much time has flown by since I posted Are You Addicted To Sugar? I felt it would be important to share my journey so far. As a recovering sugar addict, I know many people will wonder what it would  feel like to come off sugar in a world where we are surrounded and encouraged to take in sugar every single day. My journey has gone amazingly well.… View Post

Are You Addicted To Sugar? Toxic Overload

It is funny how health concerns really make you assess your life and eating habits. This past few months I have had some health issues and one of those is hormonal imbalance.  I realised the skin beneath my eyes was beginning to lose its elasticity (I spoke more about this imbalance in my blog post Early Menopause HERE) and I was getting more facial hair on my chin, along with a… View Post