Healthy Frozen Chocolate Yoghurt Recipe

I think I’ve only ever had frozen yoghurt once, in Australia over 13 years ago and had totally forgotten what it tastes like. I also think it freezes differently to ice-cream (either that or I am not doing it correctly). Anyway, here is a quick and easy frozen yoghurt recipe borrowed from SUGAR-FREE MOM’s site. I highly recommend you take a visit to this site, it’s full of so many great recipes… View Post

Sugar Detox How Has It Been? 6 Months On

It is amazing to have gone 6 months now without refined sugar. So much has changed since giving it up. Benefits so far: Increased energy Moods far easier to manage and considerably less emotional turmoil. Only 2 days PMT instead of 2 weeks. The skin under my eyes has improved and is less crepey. I am more focused and open to change. No hot flashes anymore. Very little craving. No… View Post

Sugar Alternatives – Alternatives To Refined Sugar

We are biologically designed to enjoy sweet things. from the first drink of our mother’s milk to as we grow and mature in life. However, we are not designed to consume large quantities of refined sugar and processed food. Refined sugar comes in many guises, and on your shopping label you may miss it altogether. It is in what you expect it to be in – chocolate bars, cakes, soda.… View Post

Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Book Review & Giveaway

  WIN: Beat Sugar Addiction Now! The cutting-edge program that cures your type of sugar addiction and puts you on the road to feeling great – And losing weight!  Author: Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. with Chrystle Fiedler Published: 2010  Pages: 255 Genre: Health   Price: $16.99 / £10.99Purchase ‘Beat Sugar Addiction Now!’ HERE (USA) & HERE (UK)   In January 2013 I made the big decision to go sugar-free. I had this strong… View Post

My Sugar-Free Journey : 3 MONTHS and Counting – From Addiction To Change

Image created by Deviant Duality Shared via Google ‘labeled for reuse’ If somebody had told me last year that I would not be eating anything with refined sugar in it, I would have said they were crazy. I wasn’t able to go 2 days without my bar of chocolate, my sugar in coffee, or my slice of cake. My meals consisted of shop-bought sauces full of sugar, my sandwich spreads… View Post

What Causes Sugar Cravings?

Photo shared via Creative Commons taken by Mrs Magic Craving sugar is not easy to overcome. Not when we live in a world surrounded by sugary substances; in a world where the food industry creates food and beverages deliberately so we crave their products; when convenience foods, sauces and even bread contain sugar, yes, craving sugar can be a difficult experience. Read the labels. Anything ending in -ose is a… View Post

Salt, Sugar, Fat : How The Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss – Book Review

There comes a time in life when you no longer want to have the wool pulled over your eyes. For me, that time has been steadily approaching regarding the food we eat; the way it is presented to us, and what it all means to the state of the world. One such book pulled the wool away from my eyes, and that is the newly published ‘Salt, Sugar, Fat’ by… View Post

The Myth Of The Low-Fat Diet

Many many years ago I bought into the whole diet industries message of: “You must eat low-fat to lose weight.” I get why many people still buy into this message as it is still so big globally. Yet around 10 years ago, I started to ask the question: “Why, if low-fat is the way to lose weight, are there so many low-fat diets still on the market?” And then it… View Post

What Is Hiding Beneath Your Sugar Addiction?

Beneath all addiction is pain or trauma of some kind. When we look at an alcoholic or drug addict we think they must be doing it to escape some trauma, but we generally don’t consider that our own ‘normal’ addiction to sugar may have a lot of deep dark secrets that we too are trying to escape from. With sugar addiction we may have had it for so long, perhaps… View Post

Detoxing My Life : sugar – coffee – alcohol

I gave up sugar because I discovered the damage it has on the body & skin (check out these 2 blog posts for further info: Are You Addicted To Sugar? & Early menopause or Hormonal Imbalance? ). With mood swings, emotional highs and lows, skin changing and hormonal imbalance I knew I had to let sugar go. But coffee? This came as a complete surprise.So on January 20th 2013 I gave up sugar.… View Post