Why Don’t I Fit In? A Powerful Poem On Letting Go

  A Thursday Thought… Sometimes I feel not just weird, but outside.Not just separate, but on another planet,Not just unusual, but very different.Try as I might to fit in, it just does not happen.I cannot do this anymore.I realise I sometimes try to prove myself to others who have me already in a box of their own misunderstanding and I cannot rip that box up because they see me a… View Post

You Can’t Learn To Be Alone Until You’ve Been Lonely

The sacredness of solitude is so often an overlooked experience to be had in life.  Society is made to pity the lonely or those who live alone. Later in life single people at dinner parties are pitied by married couples with children.  When you hit 30 it’s as if the whole world has gone mad in its desire to have you settled down and married.  Especially as a woman. And… View Post

Letting The Lonely Go

  I am told to express my feelings.  To let them out.  My writing is what I am all about. With tears streaming down my face,  I find it hard to express this place. Today is my loneliness day.The harsh reality of feelings curdling through my soul.Instead of walking or talking back to a safe placeIt is time to express this feeling, my way. While on good days, days when… View Post

A Day By The Lake

Waddle on up, Two to a pair, Wiggle as they walk, Little bottoms in the air. Theres nothing quite as smiley, As flapping quacking ducks, Shaking in the water, cute little tail like tufts. Here comes the swan with her infinite beauty and grace, She becomes quite amusing when she touches her bottom to her face, Her flexible neck winds around her, She plucks, she preens, she prods, All in a days… View Post

My Moontime Whispers

My Moontime Whispers   Listen to the wind blow It knows no boundaries, simply flows It caresses gently branches bending This whirling frenzy feels unending.   Can this breeze whisper to my soul: “Give in to what you feel, let all resistance go.”   Carry me away So I disappear To a distant shore Where I know no fear.   Variety is the spice of life they say But what if for… View Post

Cardboard Houses

  A Short Poem On Living Inside Walls   We enclose ourselves in cardboard houses, Separate from the land around us, Fixating on moving boxes.   Indoors we sit and compare our lives. Neighbours rustle windows, curtains Keeping up with the Jones’s Created by a mass media of our own making.   View Post

My Fly Inspiration

Watching a large fly clean its feet on my paper, I see its beautiful wings up close, A kaleidoscope of iridescent weaves and webs, A million eyes looking out, Yet feeling safe in my presence. I felt humbled by this unique sharing we had today. The wind blows the cobwebs from my spirit of the past week, I feel grateful to be out in this green landscape again. Any insect or… View Post