The Silent Files – Destruction Of The Old Identity – Part 1

Release Your Identity Part 1 (This post was left in the ‘not good enough’ pile of drafts in 2011, so much has changed since I posted, a re-birthing did take place and I became an author) The only way out is through. I have heard this saying a few times lately. The spiritual journey has many twists and turns and then you come to a place, after much dissolving, after… View Post

2012 and into 2013 – A New Cycle

Wow, as I sit here I contemplate what to say. It has been an interesting year, and one where I had to take a break from ‘Kelly Martin Speaks’. Beliefs, thoughts, come and go. We often do not know what will stay or what will cement itself in our consciousness. Some ideas we hold onto, some ideas we let go of. Me, I have let go of a lot, and… View Post

Would The Buddha Survive In The West? So many of us begin our spiritual quest, a time when we are seeking answers. We want to know the meaning of life and we go to gurus, teachers and take courses. But do we consider that the teachings coming to us from the East may not fit in with our Western lifestyle? After 15 years of spiritual questing I have been coming to some very different conclusions for… View Post

Our Human Need To Help

Where does our need to help come from as humans? Do we help when we see someone hurting or in trouble? What is help?   When does help become unwanted or intrusive?   Sometimes my own help comes from a heart-centred place, a place where I feel someone is hurting and calling out for help on some level. Often though I tried to help when the person had not asked for help. I… View Post

Speaking Vibrantly – Kelly Martin Speaks

Happy 2012 everyone. It has felt like a very long time since I last posted. Lots of changes, lots of developments and some shifts in my communication style.   A couple of days ago I started posting videos on my You Tube channel. This week I have received my first ‘dislikes’ on my videos ever. And it is all because I decided to step from behind my comfort zone and… View Post

Emptiness – The Path Of The Heart

   It it seems the path of the heart is what we all genuinely desire, deep down within us. Home, Source, God, Creator – whatever we name or label the energy that creates all things has always resided within us. Yet most of us have been so easily distracted by the trappings of the ego, the mind and the desire of the surface self, that we’ve missed out on the… View Post

Alone – Aloneness – Lonely – Seeking One’s Own Light

I wanted to write a short update for my blog. So how am I doing right now? Well – letting it all unfold.  It is all I can do right now. It’s funny because all the things I used to do, all the behaviour or the choices I made, were choices made to make me feel better via feedback from the outside world. And as I allowed my life to unfold… View Post

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

    “When life is empty of this and that, The more we hold on, the less we catch, The life we once had, the life we once dreamed, Falls by the wayside and is not what it seemed.”    – Kelly Martin, 2011 How many of us reach a crossroads in our lives and recognise the scenery, but notice instead of reaching the winning square, we’ve been transported back… View Post

Painting My World – Looking Out The Window At The Canvas Of Life

Do you realise how much you paint this life you live? While I followed the law of attraction, create your reality, for a long time, nothing has come close to explaining the meaning of life until recently. As I mentioned in my blog entry  ‘On Being A Victim – The Larger Perspective’, this reality of form is an illusion of the senses. The picture is far wider, far bigger than I… View Post

Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters – An Illusion

    This post was inspired by Matt Khan (see Unmasking the Veil). His video on You Tube made me consider the  spiritual experiences I had over 10 years ago in more depth. I Saw An Angel, Spirit Guide and Ascended Master Merge Into One  When I was fairly new to spirit and psychic experiences I was practising a lot of Reiki (Reiki is said to be a Japanese form of… View Post