G is for GRIEF

For those of you who know grief, you will need no explanation, but those who are yet to experience the heart-wrenching grief of losing a loved one to death or separation in some other way may like to follow my journey through grief. My earliest experience of grief due to the death of a loved one took place when I was 16 years old. My nanna died (grandmother) and several… View Post

D is for DESIRE

Desire is such a sexy word to me right now. In the past, desire tended to be a feeling I resisted and found challenging because I had spent a very long time in my life with unmet desires. I found that my desires were strong and powerful and I watched as friends and people around me had their desires fulfilled and I stood by the side of the road with… View Post

Desire And Scratching An Itch

We all know what it’s like to have an itch that we really want to scratch. Maybe you’re washing the dishes wearing rubber gloves, and suddenly the end of your nose begins to itch (this often happens to me), or you’re meditating and wanting so badly to scratch your head and find relief – for now. But inevitably that itch returns, perhaps some place else, but it’s still an itch you… View Post

Becoming Introvert : Re-Awakening The Real You

  Since I wrote my post ‘Shining As An Introvert’ I discovered how many introverts had taken on the persona of extrovert, and some going so far as expressing extrovert qualities for most of their adult lives. I have a friend in his seventies now and I would never had guessed he was an introvert until he told me he was. He told me that he has most of the… View Post

Embracing Material Poverty While Awakening To Abundance

There is that well known saying ‘sometimes things need to get worse before they get better’. As some of you know I have been questioning reality since 1999, writing this blog since 2007 and coming back to what truly matters, being authentic, embracing ‘what is’ and being more deeply present in my world. For the first time in what feels like a decade, I am feeling creatively rich, I am… View Post

The Shadow Self & the Cloudy Sky

We all love a sunny sky, a beautiful, blue, uplifting light. The sun makes everything look so dazzling, even concrete and the man-made world shines on a blue sky day. But what about cloudy skies? Walking around my local neighbourhood just this week I was gazing up at the sky. There was a lot of cloud and some blue, and the sun kept peeking through. The clouds were absolutely awe-inspiring.… View Post

HAPPY NEW YEAR A Message To Those Suffering

  Happy New Year (FIRST SHARED on Kelly Martin Speaks Facebook Page HERE)     This is for all of those people out there reading who perhaps struggled in 2013. For those who have not had all the stars lined up for them. For everyone who is suffering from depression,anxiety, feelings of failure, heart-ache and pain.   To me you are such a valuable member of society. To me this world… View Post

Mindfulness and The Law Of Attraction

  I guess many that know me think I am anti positive-thinking or anti the ‘Law of Attraction’ and I guess in some ways I was, but not in the way people may think. My own belief is that thoughts do matter; how we think, primarily about ourselves does affect our reality. And when I say reality I don’t mean the clouds will part if I think it or my… View Post