Why Gratitude Is Not Always A Good Thing

You Should Be Grateful! You must be thankful! You should be grateful. You need to be grateful for what you’ve got to get more…and so the list of must-do’s goes on, BUT is it true? I followed many ‘positive thinking’ teachers for a very long time and also got on the whole bandwagon of ‘creating your reality’ and the ‘law of attraction’ ‘Abraham Hicks’ railroad and I learned many things… View Post

Smile And The World Smiles With You

 Walking into my local Marks and Spencer’s today, I crossed paths with a lady shopping. I smiled warmly at her and she responded with a grimace. My first initial reaction was to judge her, calling her names like ‘miserable grumpy sod‘, and more inside my head. This was just an old memory being replayed, and within a few minutes I stopped myself in my tracks. It was not her job to… View Post

Practising An Attitude Of GRATITUDE When You Do Not Want To

  I made a promise to myself in 2013 to practise an attitude of gratitude daily. Admittedly, 2013 has not started the way I imagined it would, and gratitude has been far from my mind. With physical curve balls, emotional curve balls and fear curve balls all showing up at the same time my ego said ‘Gratitude?! YEAH RIGHT!’. 1. Today, Mike took me for a walk (wide grin – I sound… View Post