RECIPE: Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free  JAMAICAN BANANA BREAD Aahh…banana bread that comfort food that is like heaven on the lips.   Well, I have never ever made banana bread. I have eaten it, but never made it before, and wanted to challenge myself to make a banana bread with a difference, both gluten-free and sugar-free with a bit of extra yum factor. So I dug out an older cookbook I… View Post

No Longer A Virgin In The Kitchen – My Second Gluten-Free Meal – Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks – So EASY!

Photograph: Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved to Kelly Martin Day 2 of my gluten-free cooking experience. I am slowly finding my way around the kitchen and this meal was so easy (minus the home-made egg fried rice – this is something I need to learn). Simple to make. Take the chicken (defrosted if coming from frozen & we had enough mixture for 6 drumsticks) and make sure you have 2… View Post

Vestal Virgin Cook – Gluten Free Pie

So in all honesty, I am a child in the kitchen. At age 36 you would think I would know better, but no, complete and utter novice. I have baked biscuits and made a few stir-fries in my time but ‘proper’ meals? Not really, not in a consistent way anyway. I have been living with a guy who was a chef/cook for a restaurant and so I became so slobbishly… View Post