Review: WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Stag Tote Bag & Elephant Mug (Competition Ended)

  Supporting The WWF At Christmas Is A Really Rewarding Gift To Someone     It breaks my heart when I hear on the news the list of animals nearing extinction, and more recently I was shocked to hear that our beautiful elephants, rhinos and Siberian tigers were added to the list. To me we do not own this planet, we are here to be loving guardians of planet earth.… View Post

Review: Honey Bee Beautiful Christmas Gift Hamper (Competition Ended)

Gorgeous natural beauty hamper prize for 1 lucky winner! As many of you may know I am a real lover of bees, rescuing them from spider webs, my home, anywhere I can and getting the word out about how important bees are to this planet. It felt only right to celebrate the beautiful bee here by introducing a lovely UK based company. Honey Bee Beautiful ‘Honey Bee Beautiful’ is a… View Post

Review: Thich Nhat Hanh 2014 Diary from Vision Antics (Competition Ended)

  At Christmas, receiving a beautiful diary or calendar is part of preparing for the new year. I feel that a diary must not only be useful but inspire me into new beginnings and bless my coming year. I like reminders of the best way to live my life, and if life gets a bit hectic or stressful, organising my time with words from a great spiritual teacher can make… View Post

Review: Le Belle Natural Oil Cleanser & Hydrating Toner (Competition Ended)

  A little while ago I reviewed some beautiful Le Belle products I use, and I decided to ask the owner of Le Belle if they would like to be part of my ’12 days of Christmas give-away’. Victoria graciously agreed and I was blessed to experience a new formulation of a product I had yet to try as they re-launch their range, and Victoria offered a lovely moisturiser and… View Post

Review: The Raw Chocolate Company (Competition Ended)

“We make our products with love, and that is not said in a glib way, it is really important to consider the mood you are in when approaching anything in life. If you are making chocolate, then you certainly need to be thinking thoughts of love and laughter as this will infuse the chocolate.”                                … View Post

Review: Organic Wine from Vintage Roots – The Organic Wine People (Competition Ended)

   ‘Tis the season to be merry and there is nothing like a good quality wine to get me in the merry mood. I am not a big drinker but I do love wine and for me quality is better than quantity. A few years back I discovered that some of the normal wines out there aggravated my skin condition of rosacea, and that a bottle of red would send… View Post

Review: Chakra Workout – Balancing The Chakras With Yoga by Mary Horsley

WIN  ~Chakra Workout~ Balancing The Chakras With Yoga Author : Mary Horsley Publisher: GAIA Books “Subtle energies course through our bodies like an electric circuit—and the areas where the energy concentrates are our chakras. Each chakra opens the door to a different stage of development, and with this complete practical workout you can influence them all, and raise your consciousness to the next level. Using breathing techniques, yoga postures, meditation,… View Post

Review: Otherwise Trading & Find Out What Is Behind Halloween (Samhain)

I love nature, I love the seasons we have in the UK, and while I do not consider myself to be a follower of any one spiritual path, I do love the Pagan and Wiccan ways of living. To me, giving thanks, releasing and blessing different parts of the year in time with the seasons, makes the most sense to me. And one of my favourite celebrations is Halloween (or… View Post

REVIEW: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream – GIVEAWAY

Some of you may already know the fantastic experience I had with Rio Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Oil on my rosacea HERE, but I have also had the opportunity to review the Rio Rosa Mosqueta Anti-Ageing Day and Night Cream. This cream compliments the oil beautifully and works during the day to protect the skin and during the night to nourish, repair and hydrate as you sleep. Like the oil it contains… View Post

WIN Stress Free in 30 Days By Charles Linden – DVD (2 Winners! – UK) – Review – NOW CLOSED

WIN    Stress Free In 30 Days (DVD)   By Charles Linden   Published: June 2013 Publisher: Hay House UK Buy a copy of the DVD from (UK)    Charles Linden, the creator of the ‘Linden Method’, an anxiety recovery program, has created a book and DVD to support those who want tools to help them live a stress-free life. In this DVD, he takes you through different difficulties,… View Post