Smile And The World Smiles With You

 Walking into my local Marks and Spencer’s today, I crossed paths with a lady shopping. I smiled warmly at her and she responded with a grimace. My first initial reaction was to judge her, calling her names like ‘miserable grumpy sod‘, and more inside my head. This was just an old memory being replayed, and within a few minutes I stopped myself in my tracks. It was not her job to… View Post

Alone – Aloneness – Lonely – Seeking One’s Own Light

I wanted to write a short update for my blog. So how am I doing right now? Well – letting it all unfold.  It is all I can do right now. It’s funny because all the things I used to do, all the behaviour or the choices I made, were choices made to make me feel better via feedback from the outside world. And as I allowed my life to unfold… View Post

The Pendulum Swings : Accepting & Appreciating Your ‘Negative’ Traits

Are you bossy? Controlling? Manipulative? Arrogant? Patronising? Sarcastic? Naughty? Rebellious?..   When you beat yourself up for these qualities did you know that you may be imposing limits on who you are?   Have you considered that certain personality traits seen as flaws or weaknesses simply require your loving acceptance? Have you ever met a person who doesn’t give a damn what anybody else thinks of them? ‘Flaws’ and all?… View Post

A Fear Of Dying

It is said the fear of dying is behind all fears and it probably is. Yet for ‘me’ it’s not so much a fear of dying but more a fear of not living. I am writing this blog entry to objectify a rather unpleasant series of dreams I had last night. I dream very vividly, write them down and interpret them. This series felt like I needed to get them… View Post

Looking Deeper Than Outward Appearances

“…If you penetrate to the core of your existence you can see through the outer show of others. By presenting yourself as you really are, you can make them aware of the process you have been through, so they no longer have to hide themselves from you.”    Changing Line 6 – The IChing – Frits Blok   Last night I had some thoughts show up about trust and how… View Post

Embracing LOST

  I have missed blogging here but it just hasn’t felt good for me to write my thoughts down publicly this past month and a bit. Lots has been going on, inside me. A quick round up of the ‘stuff’. Acknowledged some deep childhood issues and making peace with the women in my life. Allowing myself to re-connect with close family. Letting the woman in me connect with other women.… View Post

Shadow Totem Animals – Embracing The Fear Of Creatures In Nature

  For many years now I have been looking at my life symbolically and I am a strong believer in life, showing us what we need through the outer reflections we meet across our path. After studying shamanism for a while now I love how nature reflects the lessons I am learning, the awareness that is arising and the power within me growing and expanding. And while many people believe and… View Post

Managing Anxiety & Fear Of Loss

Sometimes life throws you internal curve balls and if something is not dealt with it simply becomes bigger and bigger until we have no choice but to deal with it.  My curve ball is anxiety.   Anxiety has been an emotion that has been so familiar to me ever since I was a small child. My mother suffered from it, my father suffered from it, and I guess I did from an… View Post

The Beauty Of Okay

“There is no external source of our suffering, pain, pleasure and happiness. Our experiences of the good, the bad and the ugly are the creations of our minds.”   – Dzogche Ponlop Rinpoche Sometimes I find it easy to be with myself, sometimes I don’t.   Sometimes the sunshine, beautiful landscape invigorates me, sometimes it doesn’t.  Will there ever become a time when the landscape, the beauty of the day consistently pleases… View Post

Validation – Can We Truly Validate Ourselves?

I am sitting at this computer to help me understand what I need to know right now about this subject of validation. It is not until I started questioning where I am coming from that this subject keeps coming up for me.   When I felt part of the human tribe, an insider, a person who belonged to a group or sector of society, my validation, my reason for being… View Post