Is Feminine and Masculine in a Great War Right Now?

It’s easy right now to look at the world in terms of wrong and right, but what if there is a much bigger picture going on? I’m a woman, I was born a woman, but now my womanhood is under threat. This is how I feel right now as a woman born. I have noticed over the past few years (more so this year with the pandemic and lockdown emotions… View Post

Urban Minerals – Mineral Make-up With Soul – Product Review

  I am a passionate ‘mineral make-up’ fan. After countless years in my youth of applying horrendous brand name foundations and powders like poly-filler, I realised how much the chemical-full make-ups were damaging my skin. My pores are very large now and I am convinced it’s because when I had acne as teenager I used those filler type foundations that claimed to give you an even finish. Of course they… View Post