Mother Love & Bonding – Did Your Birth Give You Issues?

 Mother love & How Early Birth Experiences Can Cause Anxiety & Other Esteem Issues in Later Life     When we think of mother love we often think of our mothers who gave birth to us. This relationship may be incredibly loving, volatile or strange, depending on the circumstances we were birthed into. I recently read an article about how children remember the birthing experience. A 3-year-old girl described the noises in the… View Post

My Trip To See Mother Amma in London – The Hugging Saint & All That Love

  About 8-9 years ago I had my first experience of meeting Mother Amma, otherwise known as the ‘hugging saint’. And tonight I had my second experience at a different venue – Alexandra Palace. The way I see Mother Amma is as a human being who fully embodies the mother energy sorely needed on this planet today. She embodies the divine feminine and not just on the surface. She fully… View Post