Why Our Need to Be Loved Is A Longing for Home

Listen above or tune in on Apple Podcasts or Podbean EPISODE 84 – PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Hi there, welcome back to Kelly Martin Speaks. I’m your host Kelly Martin and this is episode 84. This week I am going to talk about love, because this podcast is going out the week of Valentine’s Day and as someone who is single and who has had my fair share of loss and grief… View Post

How To Mindfully Love Without Getting Lost

No one can fill the void in your heart, only love does this. Not love from outside, but love from within. In my past, I was a needy, attached, jealous lover. I was in a state of perpetual ‘not good enough’ and so I attracted lovers who did not value me for who I was. I attracted lovers who reinforced my feelings of not deserving in my life. I lived… View Post

Are You Ready For Love? Self-love and Vulnerability

Are You Ready For Love? Self-love and Vulnerability It’s funny, I am not normally bothered about Valentine’s Day. I have spent a few years now celebrating ‘Quirky Alone Day’, a day dedicated to singles who feel empowered being single, but also to couples who want a different way to celebrate this often very commercial time of the year. Yet as I scrolled Facebook, I saw competitions to enter and the… View Post

From Broken Heart to Whole Heart

From Broken Heart to Whole Heart After I split from my last partner I cried a river. It came as a complete surprise to me as logically the relationship had only lasted 3 months and I have been in much longer ones, but I know I was a different person this time. Previous heartbreak occurred 15+ years ago because I had consciously chosen to be single for some time. In… View Post

Ignoring Red Flags For Love

Ignoring Red Flags For Love I hold my hands up, I ignored red flags to experience my first fall into love, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I emerged into love, I embraced love, I felt love, my heart opened and flowered in ways I had never felt before and for this I am grateful to my past lover, but this does not mean I have not also learnt a… View Post

Why I’ve Been Quiet (Do not read if squeamish!)

Sometimes life throws you challenges and sometimes it’s not easy coping when they come. As many of you know from reading my book and my blog, my life has not been a smooth running life, like many reading this I imagine. Life has given me many opportunities to accept what is, to embrace my reality and to find a tenderness in what takes place. Earlier this year I had my… View Post

What Is Love? Part 2

  Love is a topic that could go on forever, so many experiences of what love is, but what is love really? Love cannot be grasped with the hands or held onto. Love cannot be contained in one vehicle for its expression. Love is not acts done, given or received.  Love knows no limits. But are there different frequencies of love? Like the air that we breathe can be cool… View Post

Do You ‘OWN’ Who You Are?

  We are told to be authentic, to be who we really are, but how many of us truly ‘own’ who we are? Maybe you’re single, walking down the street and you see a couple holding hands and laughing and smiling and in that instant you reach out to that couple, yearning to have what they have, in essence to be who they are. You may also be feeling lonely,… View Post

Being Human Part 5: Love Yourself For NOT Loving!

We are told time and time again: “You must love yourself”. And yet when we are feeling less loving towards others, it feels like an impossible thing to do.  Instead why not… Love Yourself For NOT Loving   Can you love yourself for not loving someone or not liking someone? It seems to go against the grain of so many spiritual teachings. We are taught to be compassionate and to… View Post

Expand don’t Contract – LOVE – FEAR – CONNECTION

  Would another persons complaints lessen if we truly heard with an open heart and expanded instead of withholding our love? We are told to stay away from negative people – that they will pollute us. Many say put a psychic bubble of protection around us when in the company of people of a low vibration. Some say people are vampires and so much more. But what if everyone has… View Post