No Longer A Virgin In The Kitchen – My Second Gluten-Free Meal – Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks – So EASY!

Photograph: Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved to Kelly Martin Day 2 of my gluten-free cooking experience. I am slowly finding my way around the kitchen and this meal was so easy (minus the home-made egg fried rice – this is something I need to learn). Simple to make. Take the chicken (defrosted if coming from frozen & we had enough mixture for 6 drumsticks) and make sure you have 2… View Post

Vestal Virgin Cook – Gluten Free Pie

So in all honesty, I am a child in the kitchen. At age 36 you would think I would know better, but no, complete and utter novice. I have baked biscuits and made a few stir-fries in my time but ‘proper’ meals? Not really, not in a consistent way anyway. I have been living with a guy who was a chef/cook for a restaurant and so I became so slobbishly… View Post

New Year Resistance To Change & Go Easy On Yourself

You know, change is not always easy. We have the best of intentions as the new year arrives. The 1st of January comes and we have the health plans to start, the goals to fulfil, and it does not go according to plan. For me, new years eve was the strangest one yet. Mike was in bed at 11pm sick with a bucket by his bed, and I was sitting in… View Post

2012 and into 2013 – A New Cycle

Wow, as I sit here I contemplate what to say. It has been an interesting year, and one where I had to take a break from ‘Kelly Martin Speaks’. Beliefs, thoughts, come and go. We often do not know what will stay or what will cement itself in our consciousness. Some ideas we hold onto, some ideas we let go of. Me, I have let go of a lot, and… View Post

Do You Still Have The Explorers Heart?

This week I realised my lovely ego was attempting to get me to run, leap and jump into the future me. It wanted me to be beyond where I was in that moment, to fly with creativity before I have my wings, and I listened for a little while. I asked myself do I want to be a ‘professional’ artist, right now? Sell my work.   OH YES! my ego… View Post

Validation – Can We Truly Validate Ourselves?

I am sitting at this computer to help me understand what I need to know right now about this subject of validation. It is not until I started questioning where I am coming from that this subject keeps coming up for me.   When I felt part of the human tribe, an insider, a person who belonged to a group or sector of society, my validation, my reason for being… View Post

My Own Backyard – A Day In My Life – My Little Slice Of Heaven

I live in a beautiful part of the UK in an area called Gloucestershire. My home is in the city of Gloucester and I love walking the urban lanes and city streets to get to my little slice of heaven. On an ordinary day it takes me around 1 hour and 1/2 to get to this tranquil haven I call ‘Gloucester’s hidden secret’. Many people who live outside Gloucester often frown upon Gloucester,… View Post

What Value Does Writing From Joy Bring? How Do We Bring Creativity From A Wholesome Place?

    Ordinarily I am inspired, to write, take photographs, create. Sometimes I feel I am like the telephone waiting to ring, watching the receiver impatienty: “Ring damn it!”. The telephone never rings when I will it to. It only rings when I am focused on other things, distracted, much like inspiration and creativity. Over a week ago I decided to make my breaks between posting blogs longer, and during… View Post

Creative Pathmarkers

I sit here and wonder: “Do the creative monsters of our past act as path-markers defining the twists and turns that were necessary to give us the juice in the present to make us better artists?” Were the people who ‘showered on our parade’ sent to us so we could define the kind of person we want to be? I wonder. The wounded headmistress from my past who said I embarrassed the… View Post

When Free Time Is No Longer ‘Free’

Sometimes in life a lack of structure can lead to ‘depression’. While it’s beneficial to spend a period of time in quiet contemplation, allowing life to unfold in an open manner, there comes a time when structure is very necessary, not only necessary but classifed as a life saving measure! I have come to this period of my journey. It’s understandable that many retired men and women can often go… View Post