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Margaret M Lynch

Brilliant Tools To Accept & Embrace ‘What Is’

Sugar-Free Eating Support

Here you will find recipes that are healthy for you and your family. She uses sugar replacements that do not cause craving after eating these substitutes and which she believes are healthier than white refined sugar.
Diane has created an easy, real food-based, customizable program to follow called The 21-Day Sugar Detox. This sugar detox program is packed with information and resources to help you kick sugar and carb cravings for good.

First Ourselves

Sugar-free support and guidance. Fabulous tools and links to other sites to help with cravings and how to let go of any sugar addiction you may have.

Going Sugar Free

Great blog with sugar-free recipe alternatives. Excellent resource list if you need an alternative to refined sugar.

Spoonful of Sugar Free

A website dedicated to creating healthy, wholesome foods without the use of gluten, dairy, or sugar. Great recipe site.

Healthy Woman Resources

For women experiencing polycystic ovary syndrome, including symptoms of hirsuitism (excess hair) and infertility.