My niche is healthy-living with a large dash of motivational and inspirational!

I am very picky when it comes to working with companies and brands. I believe in promoting ethical, natural and/or companies that go that extra mile to support this wonderful planet we live on. If your company has good ethics, sells organic or natural products, sustainably sourced and/or supports charity in your own special way – I would love to promote your brand.

If a company has a story behind it, a love and passion for the greater good I want to hear from you.

I am passionate about knowledge, so I am happy to review books on my blog that are motivational and inspirational.

So if you have a fabulous product that supports this planet in a sustainable way, or your company contributes to charity, or you are philanthropist in some other way, I would love to hear from you.

If you create fabulous skincare or beauty products that are natural, use natural ingredients, are caring for the skin and beautiful to use, I would love to hear from you.

If you would like me to review gluten-free/sugar-free food and beverages I am happy to do so, however, my reviews are quite lengthy and involved and I would require more than a single item in exchange for my time.


I Go The Extra Mile!

Unlike many bloggers who review I tend to go the extra mile, because most of the companies I choose to review from are often smaller, ethical and caring companies I like to support them in the only way I know how, good marketing, clear blog posts, great photos and my own special touch of humour thrown in. So if you are fed up of going to bloggers who simply copy and paste your info and write very little about the product then you may find my blog reviews are more impact-full for your business and product.

Sponsor Giveaways – Social Reach Is Huge!

I also highly recommend sponsoring a give-away too as this will get your product to a far greater number of potential buyers. My recent food give-away took in over 2000 entries and the sharing factor of social networks is really worth it for new products.  Examples of my sponsored giveaways.

If your product is not natural, is not relevant to my niche, I will not review. I don’t sell my soul by reviewing products not relevant to my blog.

Sponsored Posts

I am happy to write and incorporate sponsored posts. These won’t be written in an obvious ‘selling’ way. I will always incorporate my own thoughts and life experiences into the post. I don’t accept posts linking to casinos, dating sites or voucher sites. Here is a recent sponsored post.


I offer sidebar advertising or keyword linked advertising.  Contact me for current rates and if you would like to form a working relationship.

Contact Me HERE if you think you have a service or product my readers would enjoy reading about.





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I aim to review products and services within 3 weeks of receiving the item. Sometimes the time may extend a little depending on how many reviews and posts I am publishing.  If I have reviews I am currently writing I may need to do your review the following month. If you are asking me to create a recipe out of your products please allow 1 month for me to write both a separate review and recipe. Books will take longer than 2 weeks, please contact me for further information.