Is it Time to Drink in the Beauty of the New?

Listen above or tune in on Apple Podcasts or Podbean EPISODE 109 – PODCAST TRANSCRIPT From my book ‘When Everyone Shines INCLUDING You’ Hi there, welcome back to Kelly Martin Speaks. I’m your host Kelly Martin and this is episode 109.  Today I am going to delve a little deeper into opening to the new when perhaps our lives have been littered with darkness and tough times and to do… View Post

A Positive Attitude Makes Each Day Like Spring

‘When you rise each day like spring = every day is a flowering’ ~ Kari Hohne Having a positive attitude is an ongoing journey for me. Like many, I’ve been taught and conditioned to have a negative attitude. I spent 30+ years most of the time expecting the worst, preparing for failure and having an uncomfortable addiction to fear. In the UK right now, it is spring, my favourite season… View Post

Are You Sure That You Have Blocks?

Have you ever felt that life was dangling carrots on the end of sticks for a lot of your life? For example: ‘Soon your life will change’ or ‘Your spring is coming’ or ‘Keep going…just around the corner the old is leaving and the new is coming in?’ This has been my impression of life on and off for a long time. It felt like a perpetual new beginning was… View Post

Letting Go Of The Fear Of Success

So many of us may talk about the fear of failure, but we often forget its counterpart, the fear of success. For the longest time I believed I was scared only of failure, when really, I was at ease with failure. I expected failure because it was a well-known comfort blanket to me. To fail was a mask I wore well. On the other hand, to succeed was my true… View Post

How To Overcome The Anti Climax Of New Year

  New Year often kicks off with a blast of new energy, fireworks and a huge goodbye to the previous year. Many people are often relieved that the old year is over and that they can make a fresh start. Goal-setting starts, visions-boards made, high expectations for success in the coming year. We schedule, plan, day-dream, envision the coming days, and then we hit an inner road bump, an anti-climax.… View Post

5 Powerful Life Lessons I Learned In 2017

2017, the year incredible things happened in the world both good and bad. A time when people were divided, hate reigned, love rose up and women owned their powerful voices. Numerologically, 2017 was a number 1, a time of change, new beginnings, independence and becoming who you are. This year was phenomenal. I had so many new experiences, so much change, so many new beginnings and lots of goodbyes and… View Post

How To Find Out What You Really Want

Are you frustrated by the lack in your life? Are those things you really want just not happening? It’s easy to get attached to a specific outcome to make us happy. We’re surrounded by affluence in the West and encouraged to pin all our hopes and dreams on the outer world. While we might believe that happiness lies within, inwardly many of us may ‘secretly’ hope for circumstances to change… View Post

Is Your Hormonal Cycle Reflecting The Death Of Your Dreams?

For as long as I can remember my menstrual cycle just hasn’t felt right. My period started at age 13 and every month it came with extreme cramping. Back then I don’t think doctors knew much about PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) or conditions like endometriosis and so I took 2-3 days off school when it came on during a school week. I would cry, rolling around on the floor at… View Post

Leaving The Rat Race Takes Courage

 Leaving The Rat Race Takes Courage *Follow up to Maybe You’re Not A Good Person After writing my last post it dawned on me that I had painted a picture of myself that emphasised the ‘not good’ qualities and none of the positive. I realised that the picture I painted could be misunderstood and understandably so. It took courage to be that real with both myself and with the world… View Post


Poor brings up so many connotations, starving children in Africa to homeless people on the street in the Western world, yet poor to me is a state of mind. There seem to be so many degrees of feeling poor and what feels like poverty to one person is absolute abundance to another. I know of many people in my life who would be absolutely crushed with my income level at… View Post