Why Feeling Safe Is the Beginning of Change

It may seem counterintuitive to talk about safety at this time, especially when so many are scared during this pandemic, but I wanted to come at the subject of safety from a different direction. In a previous podcast episode and blog post I talked about Why Risks Are an Important Part of Life and how uncertainty is a big part of life and the unknown. However it has recently come… View Post

Why People Pleasing Hurts and How To Drop The ‘Good Girl’ Act

  I pleased people since childhood, wearing my mask of smiles and niceness because when I let out the assertive honest me, people disappeared from my life. So as I enter my mid-life, I release the need to please people who cannot accept the ‘real me’, even if that means being alone. You may know the story. Young woman with opinions and a strong voice is rejected early on because… View Post

How Painful Shame Taught Me A Very Valuable Lesson

How many times have you felt shame for being human? For making normal, human errors? For expressing your vulnerability and weaknesses out loud to other human beings? I know I have and just did it again today. Being a woman with hormones flooding can sometimes be empowering but also can make me feel extra sensitive and vulnerable to my own feelings and my own trigger points. Shame feels a biggy… View Post

10 Ways To Have A Stress-Free Christmas

 10 Ways To Have A Stress-Free Christmas So the Christmas season is heating up, the stores are full to brimming with gifts and sales, your little ones are tugging at your heartstrings to provide for them the perfect day and perhaps you’re losing your head a little and the stress is setting in. Being mindful at Christmas can take a little more practice than at other times of the year.… View Post

How To Stop Being Triggered By Life

“Not this again,” I’d catch myself saying. It was usually after a triggering event like someone parking my car in the driveway or when I felt unseen or excluded. I’d feel really pissed about it. I mean, how dare they! How could they be so rude? So inconsiderate? This reaction may seem pretty intense and I’m not going to sugar coat it, recovery from trauma is intense. Once that can… View Post

Kelly Martin Speaks: 10 Year Blog Anniversary

  Kelly Martin Speaks: 10 Year Blog Anniversary 10 years today I wrote my first blog entry. This blog was initially meant as an online public journal where I got to express myself when I felt very insecure and socially anxious. Fast-forward 10 years and since that first post ‘Why I Became A Vegetarian and Why I Quit‘ I’m officially: Less socially anxious Far more secure as a person I’ve written… View Post

The Important Freedom and Power in Being Wrong

    At the end of 2016 some old issues began to rise for me. Deep fears and stuff that has held me back in life, but I chose to brush them under the carpet.   Being Wrong – Owning This Grizzly Bear   I was brought up with a repetitive phrase told to me throughout childhood and into teen years whenever I had an emotional reaction, frustration and not… View Post

How a Crappy 2016 Can Inspire Your Happy New Year

How a Crappy 2016 Can Inspire Your Happy New Year Nine out of ten people, in all probability, had what appeared to be a shitty 2016. From marriage failure, jobs ending, loved ones dying or major health issues. My 2016 involved solicitor battles, near homelessness and a terrible sense of powerlessness. But from powerlessness came empowerment. Early in the year, my landlord’s wife died and after 13 years living in… View Post

STRONG Unparalleled breakthroughs of an epic scale incoming!

Dear Blog Readers…. Sorry for being an absent parent to this blog for some time now. Life has been a bit crazy. From experiencing the old black dog of depression for several months which caused an identity crisis to health issues and survival issues related to an upcoming home eviction, you could say that life has given me a whole lot of writing material for my blog. But instead of… View Post


Poor brings up so many connotations, starving children in Africa to homeless people on the street in the Western world, yet poor to me is a state of mind. There seem to be so many degrees of feeling poor and what feels like poverty to one person is absolute abundance to another. I know of many people in my life who would be absolutely crushed with my income level at… View Post