Heart Thoughts : A Treasury of Inner Wisdom by Louise L Hay – Book Review – CLOSED

As a huge Louise L. Hay fan, I was really pleased to get the opportunity to review the new gift edition of the well known book ‘Heart Thoughts’. And even more pleased to be able to offer someone the opportunity to receive a copy of the book as a prize in my giveaway. Title: Heart Thoughts – A Treasury of Inner Wisdom Author: Louise L. Hay Published: 2013 Pages: 279… View Post

BioBee’s Fresh Royal Jelly Elixir – REVIEW

Extra Potent Elixir with Korean Ginseng Extract & Guarana (12ml x 10 vials). Dosage: 1 vial per day.   Great daily boost. Full of life-enhancing properties. Good quality ingredients. May bring pain relief. Easy to drink vial. Energizing kick. Better nutritional, vitamin & mineral content than a cup of coffee in the morning. Starts the morning with a nice zingy feeling.   Not suitable for pregnant women, those sensitive to caffeine or diabetics.   After being asked by Bioceuticals to… View Post

Salt, Sugar, Fat : How The Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss – Book Review

There comes a time in life when you no longer want to have the wool pulled over your eyes. For me, that time has been steadily approaching regarding the food we eat; the way it is presented to us, and what it all means to the state of the world. One such book pulled the wool away from my eyes, and that is the newly published ‘Salt, Sugar, Fat’ by… View Post