How To Use Envy As A Tool

“Envy is not the same as jealousy it’s often confused because jealousy tends to involve three people for example you’re in a relationship and you perceive under the woman or another man as a threat to that relationship that’s jealousy envy is more a two person experience it’s when you’re envious and wanting something that somebody else has say a certain characteristic or an attribute or on something that somebody… View Post

How To Journey Through The Spiritual Void

“I spent my time feeling very invisible very lonely and I probably carried the belief that I was a victim. I had this voice in my head, a poor me, and I guess I’ve had a bit of a martyr complex as well and I lived this. I’ve lived like this for such a long time I didn’t know a new story. I didn’t think there would ever be a… View Post

How To Embrace Anxiety

How To Embrace Anxiety In my new podcast ‘Podcast For The Soul‘ I talked about how to embrace anxiety, something that has been an experience for me since childhood.  You can subscribe to my new podcast on ITUNES HERE In this episode I talk about: What it’s like to be extra sensitive to the world Social anxiety and panic attacks How I use mindfulness to move through anxiety and fear… View Post