Meditation – It’s Not What You Think It Is

    Over 10 years ago I started to meditate for the first time, as a part of a group. We sat on chairs in a circle, and were taken through a guided meditation. It was lovely, very serene, and we were taken into a magical landscape inside our imagination. I left relaxed, peaceful and serene. But, this is not the real purpose of meditation to me. That is, meditation that… View Post

Are You Physically Here? Grounded To Planet Earth

So many of us are not actually on this planet even though we may think we are. We are elsewhere thinking about the future, reminiscing about the past or doing a multitude of other things, but how physically present are any of us? I walk everywhere as we haven’t got a car and I rarely get the bus so I am very physical, yet this week I discovered I am… View Post

Treat Your Fear As A Small Child

When fear arises as it inevitably does as a human, the tendency is to seek distraction. Quite often we would rather be feeling anything other than fear. So food may enter our mouths, alcohol may pass our lips, the TV goes on, we may surf the net seeking to find anything to either distract us or eliminate the fear. When in all honesty, in the space of awareness, the fear… View Post

Inner Wealth

So this week has become a rather reflective time for me, as I recover from a viral infection, I have lots of time to ponder and speak with myself. As I lay on my bed today, I was looking at my picture of Lakshmi, the Goddess that represents for me, both inner and outer wealth.  I was looking at the images of the coins coming out from one of her… View Post

Self-Sabotage, Boredom & Success

  It’s amazing what awareness brings when you are ready to hear it from within. I am feeling a lot like a big onion right now and as one layer is unveiled another is made clear too. Yesterday I was sitting on my sofa in silence when I realised many reasons why failure has been such a big thing for me in my life. I began to first look at… View Post