Why Am I Not Good Enough?

From When Everyone Shines But You There are many fears in the world. Fear of spiders, enclosed spaces, heights etc., but a major fear I see on planet Earth is the fear of ‘not enough’. Feeling that as you are is not good enough, so you strive to be better, to be more, to be better than your fellow man, when in fact you are vast and far more expansive… View Post

Why Feeling Safe Is the Beginning of Change

It may seem counterintuitive to talk about safety at this time, especially when so many are scared during this pandemic, but I wanted to come at the subject of safety from a different direction. In a previous podcast episode and blog post I talked about Why Risks Are an Important Part of Life and how uncertainty is a big part of life and the unknown. However it has recently come… View Post

Do I Really Deserve the Best in Life?

How many of us truly believe we deserve the best in life? And I’m not talking about fantasising and dreaming, but deep down to the core of who we are. Do you feel you deserve the best? It is easy to settle in life, so easy just to accept our lot. Maybe we have tried and perceived many failures in terms of relationships, family, health, money, business and we have… View Post

Why Feeling Like An Impostor Happens To The Best Of Us

“Michelle Pfeiffer had been nominated for three Academy Awards and six Golden Globe awards when she described her self-doubts in an interview in 2002.  When asked how she had developed her gifts, Pfeiffer responded, “I still think people will find out that I’m really not very talented.  I’m really not very good.  It’s all been a big sham.”  Kate Winslet, too, has been frank about doubting her talents.  “Sometimes I… View Post

Why the World Can Sing Your Praises and You Don’t

I’ve been on this path for a long time, the self-acceptance path. I turn 43 this year and before the year 2000 I was pretty much asleep, most of the time. I had very low self-esteem; I had no concept of self-love, self-care or self-compassion. Instead I adopted the coping mechanisms of over-eating and drinking alcohol. I really didn’t like myself, but I had no awareness that I didn’t like… View Post

I Hate To Break It To You But…

You were never broken. Yes, life may have felt like it broke you, but the very fact that you are still breathing, reading this, choosing life, means it never broke you. Life can be really hard at times. I know this only too well. We can get into a place inside our minds where we just think ‘What’s the point? Why bother?’ It can feel like life is crushing us… View Post

5 Powerful Life Lessons I Learned In 2017

2017, the year incredible things happened in the world both good and bad. A time when people were divided, hate reigned, love rose up and women owned their powerful voices. Numerologically, 2017 was a number 1, a time of change, new beginnings, independence and becoming who you are. This year was phenomenal. I had so many new experiences, so much change, so many new beginnings and lots of goodbyes and… View Post

Is It Time To Stop Censoring Yourself?

You sit alongside someone, a friend, family member or stranger and you feel you need to say something, but you hold yourself back because you are worried you may hurt that person’s feelings. This is when we start repressing the powerful wise voice inside. For some people, speaking out of turn and using hurtful words is a way to dominate others, but many of us have been taught that we… View Post

Why People Pleasing Hurts and How To Drop The ‘Good Girl’ Act

  I pleased people since childhood, wearing my mask of smiles and niceness because when I let out the assertive honest me, people disappeared from my life. So as I enter my mid-life, I release the need to please people who cannot accept the ‘real me’, even if that means being alone. You may know the story. Young woman with opinions and a strong voice is rejected early on because… View Post

How Painful Shame Taught Me A Very Valuable Lesson

How many times have you felt shame for being human? For making normal, human errors? For expressing your vulnerability and weaknesses out loud to other human beings? I know I have and just did it again today. Being a woman with hormones flooding can sometimes be empowering but also can make me feel extra sensitive and vulnerable to my own feelings and my own trigger points. Shame feels a biggy… View Post