Why Social Media Could Be Hurting You

You may have seen articles on how social media can be addictive, but what does this mean in the scheme of an everyday human’s life? Social media when used wisely can be a positive experience. The trouble is that so few of us have a supportive inner voice, so any positives can be outweighed by the negative. Why does social media hurt? Because it can become an avoidance to living,… View Post

WIN Emerging Proud Through Suicide Book

Recently I was invited to contribute to this amazing little pocket book ‘ Emerging Proud Through Suicide’ to help people see that we can emerge through suicide and that depression and life challenges can hold a great gift as we move through them. In my Podcast ‘Can The Pain Of Depression Be A Gift‘ I talk more about this topic.  I feel it’s very important to look at mental health… View Post

Are You Holding On To Life Roles That You Need To Change?

PODCAST TRANSCRIPT Have you ever looked at your life and wondered if the roles you wear are inhibiting your ability to live a satisfying life? Are the roles you wear holding you back? I’ve worn many roles in my life, many of them really negative stories I felt I had to wear, some of those roles kept me safe from perceived harm, others helped me believe on the surface I… View Post

Insomnia Can Be Cruel – How To Find Relief

This post ‘Insomnia Can Be Cruel – How To Find Relief’ is in collaboration with Curated Wellness Co. The content and opinions expressed below are that of kellymartinspeaks.co.uk We’ve all had sleepless nights. I know I have, but when the sleepless nights are more frequent than actual rested sleep, it becomes a problem. I know from experience that if I have more than a couple of days of little to… View Post

When Old Trauma Is Stored In The Body

This journey of life is more than a simple ‘reach for what you want in life and get it’, sometimes we need to allow the old that is holding us back to surface, with support. Sometimes we have old trauma stored in the body that we may not realise links up with current day events or issues that are causing us problems. Today, I discovered some old trauma I had… View Post

Do I Really Deserve the Best in Life?

How many of us truly believe we deserve the best in life? And I’m not talking about fantasising and dreaming, but deep down to the core of who we are. Do you feel you deserve the best? It is easy to settle in life, so easy just to accept our lot. Maybe we have tried and perceived many failures in terms of relationships, family, health, money, business and we have… View Post

Why Feeling Like An Impostor Happens To The Best Of Us

“Michelle Pfeiffer had been nominated for three Academy Awards and six Golden Globe awards when she described her self-doubts in an interview in 2002.  When asked how she had developed her gifts, Pfeiffer responded, “I still think people will find out that I’m really not very talented.  I’m really not very good.  It’s all been a big sham.”  Kate Winslet, too, has been frank about doubting her talents.  “Sometimes I… View Post

Depression and The Painful Truth About Resentment

While there are many stigmas around mental health issues, I think some of those deep dark underbelly feelings we may have during a heavy depressive episode are not only shoved under the carpet, but seen as taboo to acknowledge or talk about. For me that is the feeling of resentment born from bitterness, which in turn is born from repressed anger. When life has lost its sweetness; when life has… View Post

Why Life Is Not All Sunshine and Roses

The sun is shining on this spring day in my local home area, the birds are singing, the sky is blue. Society may say ‘Be grateful’ or ‘You should be happy, what a blessed day!’ but mental health issues are not like that. Mental health issues don’t care whether the sky is blue or the sun is shining. Mental health issues don’t care if you have won the lottery or… View Post

Why the World Can Sing Your Praises and You Don’t

I’ve been on this path for a long time, the self-acceptance path. I turn 43 this year and before the year 2000 I was pretty much asleep, most of the time. I had very low self-esteem; I had no concept of self-love, self-care or self-compassion. Instead I adopted the coping mechanisms of over-eating and drinking alcohol. I really didn’t like myself, but I had no awareness that I didn’t like… View Post