Anxiety – Allowing Vulnerability

  “Anxiety should never be viewed as an inherent weakness but rather an out-of-control strength. It takes tremendous strength to never act out rage; to take that energy, to repress it inwardly where it becomes anxiety – so as to not harm anyone else.” ~ Steve Ray Ozanich For the longest time I suffered in silence with intense anxiety. I hid this experience from everyone but close family. Of my… View Post

Review: At Last A Life – Anxiety and Panic Free by Paul David

Title: At Last A Life   Anxiety and Panic Free  Author: Paul DavidPublished: 2006Publisher: Self-published Pages: 169 Price:  £13.99 ( Purchase HERE) USA : $21.99 (Purchase HERE – price at time of posting) Genre: Mental Health As someone who has suffered from anxiety since the age of 7, I have quite a bit of experience in ‘trying’ to overcome this often debilitating condition. Anyone who has experience of anxiety and panic attacks knows how… View Post

Paul’s Journey From Anxiety To Freedom

  This is a guest post by Paul David from How It All Began My Story really started when I was in my 20’s. I had a few issues and turned to soft drugs to cover up how I was feeling inside. The issues really were a lack of direction and happiness. I was never really happy growing up. I had friends, but they always seemed more confident than I… View Post

7 Tips For Managing Anxiety

  We are often told by people who don’t suffer from anxiety to find something to relax us. We are told to meditate, or to take deep breaths, but clearly people without anxiety do not understand the process of anxiety.  We cannot use positive thinking to ‘get out’ of an anxious state of mind. Meditation in the taking of deep breaths and trying to quiet the mind does not work with anxiety but there are ways to… View Post

Attached To Feeling Good

Many ‘spiritual’ teachings encourage positive thinking, yet by doing so they are resisting the entirety of our human experience. The teachings can often be so generalised that they do not take into account an individual’s personal history, conditioning and much more. What we need is balance, and to not be attached to feeling joyful or blissed-up and happy. In Buddhism it is said non-attachment to everything is the key to… View Post

Holding Fear With A Compassionate Heart – Anxiety

When fear arises, most of us will do anything to not feel it. We use all kinds of mechanisms to resist fear; overeating, drinking, watching TV, playing computer games, listening to music, over-socialising, over-working and generally keeping busy. Yet the underlying fear still remains.  It’s like trying to hold a balloon under water. All these attempts to diffuse the feelings simply do not work. I was like this for most… View Post

Anxiety & Mindfulness – Seeing The Noise Of This World As Family

  As someone who has had anxiety since a young child, I know what it feels like to have the debilitating fear that floods you when the anxiety comes up, from panic attacks to social anxiety, to anxiety that just comes up for no conscious reason at all. So, I decided to try something new after years of using avoidance tactics. Mindfulness Meditation Last week I attended my first mindfulness… View Post

Managing Anxiety & Fear Of Loss

Sometimes life throws you internal curve balls and if something is not dealt with it simply becomes bigger and bigger until we have no choice but to deal with it.  My curve ball is anxiety.   Anxiety has been an emotion that has been so familiar to me ever since I was a small child. My mother suffered from it, my father suffered from it, and I guess I did from an… View Post

Welcome Fear

A teacher once said to me when I was having an anxiety attack, say to yourself: “Welcome Fear”. She also went on to say: “God loves your fear, your anxiety, all of who you are.  Nothing is not welcome with God.” Yesterday I posted a blog about my trip to the dentist’s chair and I awoke this morning with this feeling of terror arising.  Not so much to do with… View Post

Embracing Uncertainty – Flowing The Unknown

It is really easy to understand why so many people in the world, including me, will do anything to try and keep some element of control on life, even though its only perceived control.  The real unknown, the real flying by the seat of your pants uncertainty is scary stuff! The mind, ego, needs to grasp onto something and so when distractions in life have been almost all taken away… View Post