Why ‘Manning Up’ Should Include Crying and Vulnerability

“Men can often feel isolated and unable to tell people how they are feeling – a culture of men shouldering pain alone has developed. We need to challenge toxic ideas of masculinity that prevent openness and vulnerability in men. It takes real courage to be open and honest about mental health, but when suicide is the leading cause of death for young men, we all have a responsibility to push… View Post

How to Easily Get Help with Depression as a Man

This post ‘How to Easily Get Help with Depression as a Man’ is in collaboration with Talkspace. The content and opinions expressed below are that of kellymartinspeaks.co.uk How to Easily Get Help with Depression as a Man Women tend to find talking about mental health issues much easier than men. Women and men are very different in their needs and activities. Talking is needed by women, but for men, most… View Post

How Can I Raise Low Blood Pressure?

  So many doctors, journalists and writers talk about how to lower high blood pressure, but few address the challenges of low blood pressure. My blood pressure is often low, not dangerously low, but I do feel low blood pressure symptoms such as: Dizzy upon standing – after sitting. Headache/ head-rush (where you feel spacey upon standing). Cardio exercise can wipe me out. Not just tired, but I need to lie… View Post

The Wisdom Of Ageing Well – By Michael Doherty (Guest Blogger)

This is a guest post by Michael Doherty from The Michael Files Kelly has asked me to write a post about ageing. She wanted me to do this as I am a reasonably fit, reasonably healthy 75 year old, who lives a full and active life. It has not always been so. I was born just before the Second World War, in 1937, so most of my early life was during the… View Post

Prostate Awareness – Men’s Health

This is a guest post by Michael Doherty from The Michael Files PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE DISCLAIMER AT THE END OF THIS POST. I’m writing this blog to help guys understand a bit about their bodies, especially the parts that affect their manhood. I’ll start off with my own story, or at least, my story so far. My Personal Experience I’m 75 and have developed an enlarged prostate, which was… View Post