How To Free The Inner Child From The ‘Grown-Up’ Prison

How To Free The Inner Child From The ‘Grown-Up’ Prison Filled with inhibitions? Crippling self-consciousness? Frightened to surrender control to the unknown? In my earlier years, I was taught not only are children ‘seen but not heard’ but that the natural flamboyant, free, wild child inside was embarrassing to those adults around me. So from around the age 3-4 years old, I tamed my spirit and the wildness was locked… View Post

Are You Killing Your Inner Child With Perfectionism?

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ apparently right now. Christmas is coming fast and this year I decided to make some gifts for people in a group I am a member of. Crafts and artistic creations. So I bought all the stuff needed, well I thought I needed, and this afternoon I sat down to start creating. What Happened? Perfectionism hit. My entire body got tense. Nothing I tried would… View Post

Are You Ready For The Remarkable World of Fairies and Magic?

It sounds like a no brainer doesn’t it? Fairies, magic… who wouldn’t want to go down the rabbit hole to experience what as a child was the thing of fairy tales and wonder. I believe in angels. I believe in people who have passed on to the world of spirit visiting us, but something in me was reluctant to believe in fairies and other magical beings. I secretly wanted to,… View Post

Inner Child As Teacher, Adventurer, and Inspiration

When you’re a little girl (or boy) you don’t look beyond the moment you’re in. Unless your parents show you something new you’re quite happy playing and investigating your surroundings. When you’re a little girl you find fun and adventure in the smallest of things. A buttercup becomes a home for the fairy babies and nymphs.  A floating log down the river is a raft carrying brave warriors to battle. … View Post