The Myth Of The Low-Fat Diet

Many many years ago I bought into the whole diet industries message of: “You must eat low-fat to lose weight.” I get why many people still buy into this message as it is still so big globally. Yet around 10 years ago, I started to ask the question: “Why, if low-fat is the way to lose weight, are there so many low-fat diets still on the market?” And then it… View Post

You Only Live Once – Healthy & Whole

  While away up north with family 2 weeks ago, we tended to eat out most days. I was able to go sugar-free with the exception of a few glasses of wine and cider. I ate some deliciously stodgy foods, but realised that I could not live like that all the time. From beef-burgers in white flour buns, to roast dinner, potatoes, fish in batter and chips, it was nice,… View Post

What Is Hiding Beneath Your Sugar Addiction?

Beneath all addiction is pain or trauma of some kind. When we look at an alcoholic or drug addict we think they must be doing it to escape some trauma, but we generally don’t consider that our own ‘normal’ addiction to sugar may have a lot of deep dark secrets that we too are trying to escape from. With sugar addiction we may have had it for so long, perhaps… View Post

My Sugar-Free Pancake Flower – No Need To Give Up On Life’s Pleasures

Sunshine Pancake Flower Prior to Shrove Tuesday in the UK (Pancake Day) I sat on my sofa wracking my brain on what on earth I could do on pancake day, what could I eat?   It has been a month now on my sugar-free health detox and I realised that anything can be adapted for a more healthy lifestyle and we can still have treats.   Pancake Day was my… View Post

Detoxing My Life : sugar – coffee – alcohol

I gave up sugar because I discovered the damage it has on the body & skin (check out these 2 blog posts for further info: Are You Addicted To Sugar? & Early menopause or Hormonal Imbalance? ). With mood swings, emotional highs and lows, skin changing and hormonal imbalance I knew I had to let sugar go. But coffee? This came as a complete surprise.So on January 20th 2013 I gave up sugar.… View Post

My Sugar Detox Journey So Far – 18 Days In

I am amazed at how much time has flown by since I posted Are You Addicted To Sugar? I felt it would be important to share my journey so far. As a recovering sugar addict, I know many people will wonder what it would  feel like to come off sugar in a world where we are surrounded and encouraged to take in sugar every single day. My journey has gone amazingly well.… View Post

Are You Addicted To Sugar? Toxic Overload

It is funny how health concerns really make you assess your life and eating habits. This past few months I have had some health issues and one of those is hormonal imbalance.  I realised the skin beneath my eyes was beginning to lose its elasticity (I spoke more about this imbalance in my blog post Early Menopause HERE) and I was getting more facial hair on my chin, along with a… View Post

No Longer A Virgin In The Kitchen – My Second Gluten-Free Meal – Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks – So EASY!

Photograph: Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved to Kelly Martin Day 2 of my gluten-free cooking experience. I am slowly finding my way around the kitchen and this meal was so easy (minus the home-made egg fried rice – this is something I need to learn). Simple to make. Take the chicken (defrosted if coming from frozen & we had enough mixture for 6 drumsticks) and make sure you have 2… View Post

Vestal Virgin Cook – Gluten Free Pie

So in all honesty, I am a child in the kitchen. At age 36 you would think I would know better, but no, complete and utter novice. I have baked biscuits and made a few stir-fries in my time but ‘proper’ meals? Not really, not in a consistent way anyway. I have been living with a guy who was a chef/cook for a restaurant and so I became so slobbishly… View Post