Review : CHOC SHOT & Chocolate Biscotti Recipe (Competition Ended)

Choc Shot is surprisingly adaptable, great for hot chocolate and to use in baking as natural sweetener. A little while ago I came across a product called ‘Sweet Freedom’. I was very surprised to have not heard of it in my sugar-detox investigative days. I had tried so many sugar alternatives and here was something I could buy easily in my local supermarket. I wrote to ‘Sweet Freedom’ and they… View Post

Sugar-Free 10 Months On – Not As Strict, But Still Disciplined

Sugar Free  – 10 months on Hi there,For those of you new to ‘Kelly Martin Speaks’, I gave up refined sugar in January this year (2013). Probably nearly as much a challenge as giving up a drug habit. In the post What is hiding beneath your sugar addiction? I discussed how much a heavy sugar habit can hide many emotions that stunt our personal growth as we hide behind the… View Post

Raw Hempseed Dark Chocolate Truffles – Recipe

So, a little while back I was hunting on-line for some dark chocolate truffle recipes. I like easy. Anything too complex and I am a stressed cook. After being refined sugar free for about 10 months, I always look for recipes where I can substitute refined sugar with either raw honey or ‘Sweet Freedom‘ (a fruit-based sweetener). I also have really gotten a taste for dark chocolate and will probably… View Post

Review : Sweet Freedom – A Fruit-Based Alternative To Refined Sugar

LOW GI/GL – SWEETENS LIKE SUGAR – SUITABLE FOR DIABETICS (as part of a healthy balanced diet) – GREAT IN BAKING – TEA- COFFEE – MILKSHAKES – And much more! Well as many of you who have been following ‘Kelly Martin Speaks’ will know, I am always on the look-out for not too-unhealthy refined sugar alternatives, so while I have tried many now, I was still looking for something that was… View Post

Blackberry and Honey Cake – Gluten-Free Recipe

  Since January I have been ploughing my way through recipes and gradually teaching myself how to cook or rather bake. I was a total novice and I am having so much fun finding healthier recipes, especially sugar-free or gluten-free. This cake has a bit of both. I don’t like to use refined sugar but love honey so this was a perfect addition to my baking folder and it had… View Post

Home-Made Coffee Ice cream – Sugar and Egg Free

My house-mate Mike is always on the look out for a good coffee ice-cream, most of them taste so artificial or don’t have enough coffee flavour and he is always grumbling about manufacturers making coffee ice-cream and adding chocolate. He tends to swear a lot about companies adding chocolate to everything (needless to say he has not tried a lot of the recipes I have been making as I love… View Post

Healthy Frozen Chocolate Yoghurt Recipe

I think I’ve only ever had frozen yoghurt once, in Australia over 13 years ago and had totally forgotten what it tastes like. I also think it freezes differently to ice-cream (either that or I am not doing it correctly). Anyway, here is a quick and easy frozen yoghurt recipe borrowed from SUGAR-FREE MOM’s site. I highly recommend you take a visit to this site, it’s full of so many great recipes… View Post

Sugar Detox How Has It Been? 6 Months On

It is amazing to have gone 6 months now without refined sugar. So much has changed since giving it up. Benefits so far: Increased energy Moods far easier to manage and considerably less emotional turmoil. Only 2 days PMT instead of 2 weeks. The skin under my eyes has improved and is less crepey. I am more focused and open to change. No hot flashes anymore. Very little craving. No… View Post

NOW CLOSED: WIN Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook by Jacob Teitelbaum – Review & Giveaway

WIN  Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook  Recipes That Cure Your Type Of Sugar Addiction And Help You Lose Weight And Feel Great! Author: Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., and Chrystle Fiedler (Recipes By Deirdre Rawlings, PH.d., N.D Published: 2012  Pages: 256 Genre: Health   Price: $16.99 / £12.99Purchase ‘Beat Sugar Addiction Now!’ HERE (USA) & HERE (UK) As many of you may know I had the pleasure of reviewing ‘Beat Sugar Addiction Now’ a short while… View Post

Sugar-Free & Dairy-Free Ice-cream – No Ice-Cream Maker Required – HEALTHY

  Since giving up refined sugar, only having a small amount of honey in my diet, I really wanted ice-cream this summer. I thought to myself how am I going to do this? And I was blessed to come across this easy-peasy recipe online from the TheFatKidInside.Com.   I love easy! And when it is baking hot I certainly want easy. So today, a very hot day, I made some… View Post