Many would probably think of me as a younger wild child, I drank far too much alcohol in my earlier years from around 14, but I was not so much wild, more lost and empty. I reacted badly when I was 13 to my sister being born as an only…

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Feeling Isolated From Others Can Be A Huge Gift

Being alone can bring such a beautiful feeling of spaciousness inside. Prolonged periods of solitude can be a challenge to the ego. As humans we are encouraged to interact, to socialise and to be with our fellow man, but what happens if no matter how hard we try we seem…

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Self-Sabotage, Boredom & Success

It’s amazing what awareness brings when you are ready to hear it from within. I am feeling a lot like a big onion right now and as one layer is unveiled another is made clear too. Yesterday I was sitting on my sofa in silence when I realised many reasons…

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