A forum for UK citizens who have been excluded from society because of the Great Reset and Globalist Agenda. Scroll down to find your local counties.
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Kelly Martin
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Hi everyone, Kelly here the creator of this forum. This forum is specifically for those who may be excluded from society due to Vaccine Passports or other measures brought in. My main rules are:

1. Be kind and courteous to members

2. Do not spam forum with links

3. If you post links, please use option 'no follow' (you will see the option when trying to post a link) because if sites are low on domain authority it may reduce my domain authority

4. Keep vaccine conversation to a minimum, try to mask it if possible, to prevent my site being placed in the disinformation section of the web.

5. I will moderate all posts initially

6. If you do choose to meet up with individuals from the group, always meet up in a safe public space until you trust the person or persons

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