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[Sticky] INTRODUCE Yourself to your local unvaxxed

Kelly Martin
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Pop a hello and introduction in this post to local Merseyside residents who may be part of your new tribe 🙂

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Hello. Alex from Liverpool. Checking in to say that I will never give in and have this jab. 

LucidLu liked
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@alexfcb Hi Alex,

And there lies the beauty of freedom of choice. I have not pushed my views onto anyone who has decided that it is the best decision for them to take it, isn’t it a shame that the same can’t be said for people who try and push their views onto us! 

It might not count for very much Alex, but I respect your choice as a valid, intelligently considered, personal decision. Well done for having the courage of conviction to express it 😀 

All the best;


LucidLu x